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  1. Hey Guy & Gals.


    I have a question related to blocking. Presently at university I'm doing a lot of Character animation and we are going through the process of blocking and animating step by step. This is the first time I had come across blocking and I wondered if it was a across the board with animation?


    So say your animating an logo for a spot, would the same rules apply?




  2. I started looking at C4d about a year ago so i could get into 3d. I found it really difficult and my learning got nowhere. I am presently at university and have to use Maya. So im learning Maya which is hard but now when i look at C4d i wish i could be using that. I think what ive had to learn in Maya will go along way when i finally start using c4d!

  3. Hey Nourneme,


    Thanks for your suggestion too. I never thought of setting actual keyframes as markers! Common sense certainly goes a long way B) I think i need some of it :)


    Ive been trying to work out possible workflows and solutions and i find it strange that there is no straight forward way to acheive what im after.


    Thanks again Nourneme


  4. Hey Getsome,


    Thanks for replying and yeah i was afraid of that. it seems strange for such a widely used piece of software for there to be no real central hub of information.


    Yeah thats similar to what i was trying to do in AE with the actual waveform.


    I'll give what you mentioned a go and report back.


    Would i be importing the audio in Maya?


    I have done this but find the waveform isnt very big when its in the time line. Is there a way to make it bigger. i like to be able to zoom in and see it all :)


    Cool i'll check that plugin too!


    Thanks :)

  5. Hey Guys/Gals,


    Working in AE to get some times for audio (as maya is killing me atm) and im using the good ole markers *.


    Ive previewed the audio and then hit the asterix key at the point i need.


    I have 2 problems.


    the first one is that the waveform in AE sometimes just disappears so no waveform or actual audio for say a 10 second period. The clip i am using is 2 mins.


    second issue is the makers. I'll have the audio layer selected, play it, hit asterix and it will place a marke. I'll then edit the marker and write little bits of info i need. but what ive started to notice is. when i save the project it saves fine and everything else is the same. so say i quit AE to look at something else and when reloading the project and that particular composition all of the audio markers on the audio layer have shifted to completely irrelevant parts of the track.


    Every time i open the project the markers are somewhere different and sometimes they will be back where they should be... very strange.


    Is this a bug anyone has come across?


    My other thoughts are im using a AIFF which was originally intended for Maya. Just had a quick read up on supported formats and AIFF is one so that should be ok.



    Basic :)

  6. Hey Guys/Gals!


    Im working on a 2 minute piece which is a personal project for my reel.


    I am focusing on using Maya (as i need to use this at uni) and i can't seem to figure out what the best way to work with audio in Maya. What i mean by this is that i want to be able to set markers at certains points in time so i can use these as reference to key parts of the animation.


    In other softwares like AE notably you can use the * key and place a marker a long the time line.


    This is all i am really after but i can't find a solution.


    To my knowledge Maya has basic audio features and i can't find a 'markers' option.


    I did see a thread on here mentioning using a script from 'Maya Bonus Tools' but that was for more of a reactive animation to the audio (saying that it may be useful when i am animating but presently not)


    Any help would be great and does anyone know of any good forums for Maya? It seems that even though the package is widely used there is no central point for finding out information and asking questions.


    **edit: The main part i was going to mention also is I've read about people using the data from sound keys and then importing into Maya but still cannot find anything solid.


    Rant over and thanks for listening :)



  7. Hey Guys,


    As the title says every file format then i render from Maya 2011 is parsed.


    I have tried rendering out a sequence of targa, jpeg, tiff and also tried the video formats of AVI and MOV.


    What i would like to do is take a targe sequence, put it in AE and composite on top.


    Problem is no file format is recognised. I did read somewhere that it may be an issue with the files being in CMYK but i can't seem to find this option and what I've read a few times is CMYK isn't possible (correct me if im wrong) in maya. This would make sense as its not essentially a program designed (correct me again if im wrong) for print.


    My scene is pretty basic, I have a blendshape that transforms from a sphere to a cube and some gravity and a plane. scene is about 800 frames long. I also have an audio layer and trying to find out if this could be an issue.


    I have tried searching this forum a lot but my maya terminology is still getting there.



    Basic :)

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