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  1. Hey Guys,


    Pretty simple issue i can't seem to find the answer to.


    I created a poly Sphere, i duplicated that and modelled it into a Cube.


    I then added a blendshape so i could go from sphere>cube or cube Sphere


    I then created a poly plane and added the active rigid body.


    Then i selected the blendshape sphere added gravity and set a couple of kf's. the aim is to make it bounce along the plane and morph into the cube.


    I have managed to make it bounce and morph into the cube but the gravity only seems to detect the sphere's properties so when its morphed into the cube its gravity is that of the sphere.


    I hope this makes sense and it would be nice to be pointed in the right direction.


    Thanks :)


  2. Hey Guys,


    Im working on a project at the moment which is incorporating metamorphosis in all forms. Im looking for examples of this in movies, shorts and even type.


    This is what i have so far and wanted some more.


    I have the book by kafka (metamorphosis) and i have been watching


    iron man


    the fly

    alien resurection

    howl's moving castle

    an amercian werewolf in london

    the curious case of benjamin button


    does anyone have know of any good examples of this?


    All help would be great!



  3. I finally went to uni and have been going through all the basics of animation and the old masters! its so interesting to forget whats happening now and looking at where it came from and learning all about that!


    its such a nice change and watching the classics again is refeshing!

  4. I guess I must be an idiot, but aside from the great display of style, mood and low poly neatness, what is this about? I mean seriously, I don't get the story at all.


    Yeah im in the same boat. I found this amazing but didnt get the whole story. what was it about? :)

  5. Hey Guys,


    such a good thread and im glad someone has asked this question. Its nice to hear the older guys stories and what they do and how long they have been doing it for.


    ive just went to uni and im now 25 i was doing some basic stuff before but being at uni has opened up a new world of possibilty and given me the confidence to realise that a career can be made of this.


    I also think that after 10-15 years (if the industry is the same) then i would potential like to move on but in all fairness i love what i do and when its time to change i will.

  6. Maybe I misunderstood,

    but about an hour ago I think I heard, I believe it was Rick Barrett, made a little script for the monkey today that allows to copy/paste soundkeys data straight into cinema.

    Can somebody confirm this ?


    Wouldn't complain if I could give your Echo a thorough try, Sandy.

    Looks like you already got some useful functionality in there.


    yeah i think its a plugin called something like AEtoC4D... but yeah its something like copying the date... i'll look for the link...




    Monkey, C. Smith, Vozz, and Greyscale Gorilla (if thats his name on here)


    I think he's on here as Nick Campbell.

  7. Thanks for the feedback guys i really appreciate it :)


    Im really happy you commented Dave as i really trust your judgement and opinions that ive read in the past! also Saint thank you too for taking the time to watch i write. all help is so valuable at this time so thank you!!!! :)


    every thing has been taken on board and im going start with it now :D


    Thanks guys!


    in the next few months i'll post a new reel and then please some more comments :D


    Thanks again!!!


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