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  1. Hey guys,


    this is my just starting out showreel, I haven't been doing this long (but ive been a member of the forum longer). the standard is poor compared to most I've seen but if you could take a min and be honest. if you like anything please say... if is a big word haha. but no opinions are welcome and i have a bullet proof jacket on if you want to shoot me down.




    cheers :)


  2. if you have the time to waste and don't have a life then I say build a hackintosh... or you could name them awasteofmytimetosh. ive got 3 friends who've done this and lets say they are back on there Windows 7 x64 machine. to many issues with updates etc sooo....


    ...its probs illegal but best of buying an imac or something.


    again its all personal preference but what do you like? real boobs or fake boobs?

  3. yes and no(?)


    They may bring the value down in some vague way, but the quality of work being done in these competitions is usually so low that it doesn't make an impact on the higher end of the spectrum where most aspire to be working anyway. I doubt these comps are going to put any already-working music video directors in the soup line.


    I do think that these competitions can be good for people on the lower end of the spectrum looking to move up the ladder, but they really have to make a stand-out piece for that to happen. That said, cream rises to the top one way or another, so with our without these competitions truly talented people are going to make a name for themselves.


    very good points monovich i agree with what you say. we all have to start somewhere right? plus the industry leaders are so far at the top of the game some new kid starting out isnt going to have much of an impact.




  4. Hey guys,


    I have been given a bunch of Jpegs to animate for a visual DVD to be shown in a night club. I only have about 10 images and they are of people and its quite a dark nature.


    its for a gritty dubstep and breaks night. how can i make a flat jpeg look decent and bounce to the music? i want the visuals to be eye catching and but not annoying. im producing 2 mins of video with a logo and these images.


    In AE i have to confess and say i used a preset (the bounce and scale one) which looks really nice for the logo but i cant use it on each image.


    any suggestions of what can be done. i have creative video block.


    any help would be great.


    and also examples of some work would be good as well if you know of any!


    Many thanks :)


    i am using AE CS3 windows based.

  5. Hi all,


    Im working on a music video and the track is 5 mins long. im creating a background that is particles and will change with the music.


    Im using cs3 and what is the best way to get markers from ppro into AE so i have markered up all the points i want and i now need to get the full file into AE.


    Whats the best way to do and does what i just said make sense?


    ive done something similar like this before but i cant remember now!


    thanks :)

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