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  1. Hello all,


    im in the process of buying a graphics tablet and need some help on what to look out for and also what to avoid. cheaper the better but i dont want to kill the quality and i know there is a fine line.


    any links would be great and also expirences as well :)




    Basic :)

  2. Hey,


    Im still really very new to Mograph and ihave many tutorials on how to use all the apps like AE, Ps etc but i dont actually have any projects to work on. im still in the learning process and gradually i want to create a showreel.


    heres where the problem is. i dont have any project and im not at college or university doing this so im in a sense creating nothing that could be used in a show reel.


    i need to practice but i have nothing to create or practice with. where can i start? are there any online tutorials say to create a animated logo for a TV show.


    Does this make any sense?





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