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  1. My buddy Hopkins just suggested using Spline Effector instead of Spline Wrap and it looks promising. A heads up to anyone interested. Thanks!
  2. Hey gang. I'm trying to make some text zip along a path and smash into a wall, then have the letters fall to the ground all nice like. I was thinking I could slap a splinewrap on a text object then toss on modynamics and call it a day. But after about 10-500(0) tries with various settings... shit just ain't workin out. Attached is a fast and simple file to demonstrate the struggles I've been having in the most basic of forms. If anyone has a solution to make this look not suck, I promise to both love you and hate you for doing what I could not. I appreciate and thank you for your time. DLTHEFILEZ
  3. Hey all. Has anyone figured out the Point Cache Tag method Mr Cambell was talking about? I'm real curious about this specifically. It could save me and my cohorts lots of headaches if it works how I hope and dream and imagine it might...I figured it's worth one last poke at this thread in hopes of answers. Pleeeease make a pretty tutorial about it Mr Orange, I beg you. Also, AixSponza has an incredible plugin for r10-11 called BaketoPLA that takes ANYTHING in a scene and bakes the f out of it. It's unstoppable and I love it but unfortunately I can't get it to work with r11.5. Is there any possible way to "port"(?) that or does anyone know of an update? Thank you and your kind brains for any further information.
  4. Hey. Is there a way to connect separate objects into one via XPresso? Like the Functions>Connect option but I need it for multiple frames of PLA keyed magic. Thanks!
  5. ah my buddy tim suggested generate uvw's under tags. seems to work almost. it doesnt react to spline wrap but i can work around that.
  6. woah hey. been forever. so anyway. i got this accordion in the 3rd dimension. its gonna be part of a transition of sorts. basically the last frame of a quicktime will fade into that same frame being projected on the squishy fan stretchy part of the accordion and then (with your help) it will stick there, then the accordion will squish in and the texture will deform and squish as the accordion squishes.. the only way i can really seem to get the texture to match up with the frame of the qt is by frontal or camera projection. but they dont stick. so when the accordion squishes it just stays there all unsquished and it looks wack. if that makes any sense is there anyway to do that. its giving me a headache. any help or painkillers will be gratuitously accepted. spanks ps crabbey is going to see ani defranco
  7. I like it. A lot. I might even love it.
  8. Hell yes. I want to buy you as many drinks as you desire Mr. Frank. I'll mark this on my calendar and start putting money aside. FYI for you CND goers: I used to and possibly still have the top photohunt score at CNDs. Sup.
  9. I'll be on vacation next week so I can't make it out. But don't let little old me stop y'all. There will be plenty of other opportunities in the future I'm sure.
  10. Every corporate video I've worked on has 3d strokes, 3d roads, spinning globes and stock imagery. Per their request, not mine. I just assume that is what "fresh" means to people who wear suits.
  11. Mmm, very nice Stefan. Javascript + Graphics? I think graymachine has a new toy to play with in between changing diapers.
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