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    Angie Taylor is an animator, illustrator and motion graphic designer. She runs Creative Cabin near Brighton where she offers one-to-one bespoke training in After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Premiere Pro<br /><br />Angie has provided bespoke training and consultancy to companies including; BBC; Channel 4; Channel 5; Carlton; HTV; B Sky B; MTV.<br /><br />http://www.angietaylor.co.uk<br />Twitter: theangietaylor<br />Linkedin: theangietaylor<br />http://www.facebook.com/pages/Angie-Taylor/118378194869002
  1. Here’s a couple of places to start; Principles of Motion Grphics; Composition Animation Project Planning
  2. I got caught out with a huge file like this and it took a while to figure out the problem. If you have the File prefs to Save Animation for Melange this can increase the file size immensely if you have a lot of keyframes. It will also take a long time to save files and prepare for renders. This can happen if you have baked keyframes (KF on every frame) which can happen when importing cameras from After Effects for example. Try switching the Save Animation for Melange off and resaving. If this is the ulprit you should see an immediate reduction in file size. If you need the animation for After Effects compsiting you may need to switch it back on a resave again. If it's still prohibitively large then you can try to reduce the number of keyframes used for your animation. Try the Key Reduction tool in the timeline or reduce them manually. http://lesterbanks.com/2013/06/techniques-for-reducing-animation-keyframes-in-cinema-4d/ Hope this helps :-)
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