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  1. can you use all my cores thats the next thing oh my god yes the worst! at the end of a project watching a load of designers timidly standing by their desks with their mice upside-down
  2. i'm on 10.8 because i have to be, apple broke quartz in 10.9 and i'm not going to10.10 yet as it was months before people found out what was wrong last time. my rmbp came with 10.8 and it's less than a year and a half old i'm sorry apple are making it hard for you with its fast turn around but i'm not upgrading till i have to/i buy new hardware and apple force me. they are upgrading too fast and it sucks why would i go though working out what they broke every year?
  3. in firefox add your link to the tool bar then right click the favicon > properties then you can change the text to anything you want and what you want is to delete all text.
  4. being able to preview 1080p unstreched or cropped is handy
  5. http://manictime.com/
  6. look at it another way what's a 100k mortgage when a loaf of bread is 50k
  7. man I've had enough of straight lines and beziers as well this whole industry is unimaginative and don't talk to me about circles either i'm working on my own shapes nickinagons are gonna be big
  8. nickin

    Apple WWDC 2009

    or mabye you could use one of the many flush expresscard multi format card readers and use the slot at other times to plug in a deck link card for monitoring and stuff
  9. nickin

    Apple WWDC 2009

    they have taken the express card slot off the 15 inch macbook pros so no esata raids or any of the new expresscard hd io boxes that were shown at nab so i have to buy a 17inch meh
  10. what's wrong with the ba ba baaa daaa thing its the one language every client understands
  11. nickin

    Voting day

    you have to wonder what blair would have been like paired up with obama not bush
  12. nickin

    Camera news

    well we've been dating for some time now so isn't it inevitable
  13. its true! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zn6Z9djh8eA&...feature=related dunno if that's safe for work or not its got simon pegg in it tho
  14. i don't have an iphone but lifehacker had an article about using your iphone as a modem here
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