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  1. Thank you! anybody else think it's a different route let me know, but i'm going for the render - wish me luck!
  2. Thank You, I'm gonna put it into a NTSC 4x3, letterbox it - as far as the export uncompressed what exactly do i need to choose as far as "animation,h264,and the many other options? In my render que I have many formats to choose from under the Output Module - it defaults to quicktime movie with animation as the compression type. Is this good? I do not see output fields in the render settings only feild render upper or lower. And i shot in 60i not 24p (ooops), the fps is 29.97 if it matters. Thanks for the help
  3. so all i need to do is choose the animation setting in the render que correct? . . . dvd studio doesn't do any converting as far as i know.
  4. I thought that was the basic route but the MAIN QUESTION is what format to use etc etc. quicktime/animation/etc etc And since it will most likely be watched on a 4x3 screen - if i precomp it, should i precomp it as 4x3 NTSC resolution, another words with a lower resolution? Thanks
  5. I've created a 6minute promo/commercial with Green Screened interviews. Shot in HDV (1440x1080 -16x9) - all done in AE. I need to deliver this on a standard definition DVD for the client. What is my best route for exporting this to be burned onto a DVD (will be using Final Cut's DVD studio pro in the end - I believe it has to have an mpg2 format). I haven't been able to master the AE RENDER QUE that well. Generally I export AE stuff to be used in a video editing timeline - now I need to export for burning a SD DVD. Thanks to all you gurus out there that can help or point me in the right direction.
  6. got it - used not BG layer and had the next shot layered underneath - Thanks for the direction
  7. when i use card wipe it flips things over and shows itself on the other side instead of what i want it to go into to. thanks
  8. Sorry if this is too easy - I'm relatively a Newbie. I tried recreating this transition for a promo I'm doing with no luck. I though maybe it was card wipe - but needless to say I didn't succeed. Any tips? Thank you! http://vimeo.com/6891928 sorry the video should be up at xx:30 (wherever part of the world you're in)
  9. Thanks! going to do both of those things! There was definately something bugging me there, i think that's what it was. very much appreciate the tips
  10. Great stuff! Great advice! I'll try to implement what I can. The twinkle effect might be insanely render heavy if I put it on ALL the flying particles. How to focus their eye on the words as they appear is the key question. The golden twinkle was added just for that purpose. Any suggestions on that.
  11. Any critiques about the design and animation?. it's about half way done, let me know what you think . . . Thanks (video was updated after making some of the changes ArtViz and a2visual suggested) Flying Letters on Vimeo P.S. any advice on my render settings for placing on Vimeo? Do not seem to have a good handle on the Render Que yet. My output seems a bit washed out.
  12. Any critiques about the design and animation?. it's about half way done, let me know what you think . . . ThankS http://vimeo.com/5059672 Flying Letters
  13. All done converting sorry about that, didn't think Vimeo would lag on a 3mb file.
  14. Letters Galore! Any critiques about the design and animation?. it's about half way done, let me know what you think . . . Thank you http://vimeo.com/5059672 Flying Letters
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