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  1. excellent, I was looking for ways to add another middle man edit: regarding http://www.modusingenium.com/about-grading.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkpWk8FJsys
  2. yea just trolling, trying to lighten the mood a bit
  3. apoK


    ads by google has switched to chili related goods and services. this thread is now about Chili's®* whats up with nixing the shanghai wings? and the wasabi sauce? wtf it was the only reason I ate there, now I only drink there *"Chili's® is the new golf course, it's where business happens". Small Business Magazine
  4. its really more like draw mask, fwd 10 frames, adjust mask, fwd 10 frames, adjust mask, etc ad naseum. then go back and adjust the points and smooth it out where needed. if you go frame by frame by frame you'll get a lot of crawling. ive tried the free aescript and have gotten mixed results. if youve stabilised the footage couldnt you try your compare theory?
  5. I dont know your setup but thats probably right, if you're a soloist on a deadline THIS is what you should look for. if thats not an option step away from the comp, dont even surf, that could tweak your performance edit: before you even figure out your pipeline: ' "start by thinking about how to create the illusion of _____, not actually creating _____" ~the Monkey'
  6. a quick and dirty way, at least on a shader level, is animating the transparency value with an image sequence. You may have to mess with the UVs a bit but it should work. I dont think this is what Mylenium is talking about, his technique is probably better.
  7. chris_ has a pretty good point. but when I think of 90's album art I think of NIN or maybe 'Chains, some brilliant design imo. and to be fair, 'step by step' was from 1990, so it was more a by-product or swan song of bad 80's design.
  8. wow~ didnt know the comment column on motionographer went that far =D
  9. what're you using to compress it? what're your export settings? generally sequence settings are secondary and only give you something to look at
  10. FFS everyone just needs to chill...grab a wingding or two, and make a logo
  11. I dont think he means to get away from the arrow all together. Maybe put the arrow point in front of the phone. and also earlier, when the arrow begins to bend, put the bend in front of the phone. that may help with depth. One thing i noticed was the "What is Jag Tag?" title is in the background too long, you might want to dissolve it subtley during one of the moves youve done a great job
  12. Avid should be flattered... especially since Albert Omoss has clearly exaggerated their virility
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