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  1. i worked on many traditional cell animation projects in the past 10 years. the most time we used animo. but the developement has stopped and for now us animation has the best packages around. from amateurs fun stuff to bigger budget feature film software. check them out. the process goes like that: 1. draw your cells 2. clean them up 3. scanning 4. processing (vectorizing) 5. colorize them 6. digital x-sheet 7. compositing. cheers, payton
  2. as long as you only use graphic symbols instead of movieclips you can export as swf and import that into AE. payton
  3. different approach: just animate a single shape, precomp and use echo on this layer. or maybe in some rare cases you can get along with the repeater option of shape layers
  4. well, if you install proprietary software almost anything could be possible. maybe you can put an mp3 file into an psd. woooosh. senseless. if the guy you are encoding for uses matrox hardware, the only good choice will be using matrox codecs. maybe you find another way but you cant be sure that this will play well on his hardware. payton
  5. well, its much easier to say what's possible than to say what's impossible, cause there is always the chance to miss something. but i´m pretty (close to totally) sure that the AVI container format does not support MPG2. payton
  6. you can use the codecs of blackmagic or aja. both codec packages are available for free on their websites and contain uncompressed (but with chroma-subsampling) codecs. good luck, payton by the way: digital anarchy has an 16bit rgb uncompressed codec for free on their website
  7. well, maybe i shouted it out to loud. no source available here. it´s simply the fact that i dont know any application that can render png´s with premultiplied rgb channels. but if anyone can upload a png with premultiplied rbg channels - give it to me. payton
  8. well, png´s are way better compressed (really depends on the footage) compared to TIF's with LZW or TGA's with RLE compression. the downside is that png's take much longer to encode or decode. what i like the most is that PNG's are always rendered with straight alpha´s. there is no chance that anybody will fuck up your renders when misinterpreting your footage. another downside of PNG`s is the embedded gamma correction. this can cause differenct displaying of the same picture on different devices, especially when working cross platform with PC's and MAC's. but you can get rid of the gamma information with tiny little programs like pngcrush. then everything will be fine. my 2 cents... payton
  9. i disagree. you only need to change the precomps if "preseve frame rate when pre-composed" is activated in the advanced comp settings of the precomps. but thats not the default, so normally you dont need to worry about that. payton
  10. did you already switch to 16bit? this might help, even if you render out to a 8bit format at the end. payton
  11. i need to agree. irfan view is kinda joke compared to this.
  12. hi steve, i just wanted to see how your reel looks like. unfortunately the link is somewhat broken. maybe you want to fix it. reel site´s without reels are a bit ... uhm....useless greez, payton
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