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  1. Haha good that you like it! Well here is more of the Church projection mapping, this project was done for the Dutch Fashion Awards. This is a part where you can see the animations timed on the music And this part gives an overview of the Fashion Shows, 1 church, 16 projectors, 5 hippotizers, 25 million pixels and a bus full of models.
  2. Nice one, Like the table football thing...
  3. Just wanted to post a compilation of our event related work. Both friendly low key as well as large scale high profile global events.
  4. Hey all, Finally after an embargo period of more than a year we can post the visuals we created for a big Nike show back in 2007. The event that was the kickoff for the Nike Football 2008 campaign covering 4 areas and was built up entirely in film studios in the business district of Milan. Each area focussing on a specific football related sub category. Visually the most appealing was an area with a big rectangular black box of 300m2 inside, containing one huge 270 degree screen of 55 meters wide by 5 meters high with removable scrims. This was the stage for the main 20 minutes media show around Nike’s Euro Cup 2008 football positioning. Our goal was to create one seamless picture on all the screens as if it was one screen with a mix of live action video and motion graphics. The Dolby surround sound system completed the intense experience. For more details and background info have a look at the compilation we put online. http://www.circus.fm/work/nike-football-milan-2007-event And while you're at it check out our new showreel (full projects are all featured on the site): Cheers!
  5. Update! Stink digital: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/StinkDigital Left: http://www.leftchannel.com/blog/ anyone others?
  6. I don't know about your crontab configuration but on all our computers they are empty... I opened the terminal and typed crontab -e to open the crontab for the user, quit without saving by typing :q and then went to /etc/ and opened the crontab with pico for the overall system... which is also empty... What am I missing here? were are the cronjobs of OS X 10.5? And if there a scripts running daily/nightly/weekly etc... what do they do and do we really need them? I'm not that convinced yet to move to 24/7 power on...
  7. Hi Bill, Nice that you are here! I've got a question but that will drift this post away from the original.... Sorry for that... Freelancers and Small design studio's know and like the Wiredrive product. Fastest File Transfer, for Large files, FTP? you send it? But to be honest I don't know what is costs. And we want to be in control. The posts you find in the forums and internet vary from 1 to 6k a year and there is a lot of difference between +/-100 and 600$ a month. I never dared to ask for a quote because I got scared of the (maybe false) information on the net and that Wiredrive is such a nice complete product that looks damn good... so it must be expensive... And we already have a semi dedicated server with our own FTP, client area and client review website which uses the CMS of textpattern to present work to our clients or NGO's. The server is already paid and running, so feels cheap. I also realize that to maintain the FTP/Client Area/Client review site you need to spend time, and you need to have the knowledge of what your doing. Within our studio, there aren't that many who know everything, and teaching them all the different aspect also takes time. Useful time you could otherwise spend on being creative and doing what you want to do... As I'm reading this post, I come to the conclusion that maybe we need to get a quote and ask for a for a demo request.... Before I say that I would like to see a Wiredrive Lite product. Cheers!
  8. I also believe that the life expectancy of your computer extends when you leave it running but the economical and software life of a computer is 3 years here...
  9. The Rjd2 1976 is a classic example... Made with multiple stills http://www.vimeo.com/1508709 In 2005 we created two short documentaries about photographers, we used their photo's to make the story more vivid. To stay close to the photographers original and not alter to much we choose to animate the photo's in a way that you hardly notice. This worked really good for big screen projection, you stay attracted to the photo but hardly see what happends. When you watch these two, be sure to view them full screen... http://www.circus.fm/work/canon-digital-decade
  10. To keep it a little more eco friendly we turn off all the computers and use power cords with swithes to turn all power off (except the power on our computers...) Before we also cut the power to the computers off, but after a while we had some power supply breakdowns of our Mac Pro's and G5's ... damn then we had problems. Took us 6 months to get a new power supply in the damn machine... and it was freaking expensive compared to a standard PC supply.... Why should you keep the machine's running? If your not updating, backing up or distribution your not used processor power?
  11. These three are helpfull to me... http://nettuts.com/ http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ http://www.webappers.com/ Good luck and really do post your wiredrive solution when it is open to the public
  12. @Monovich, Here is an other article about building a DIY raid...
  13. EDIT translation: Okay okay... We do have a backdoor... heheh... oke oke... we hebben stiekum ook een achterdeur .... zal ik het dan maar verklappen Backdoor into the Circus
  14. Move to bollywood or dubai? Food is nice and cheap there
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