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Found 240 results

  1. General C4D texture management question ... I frequently have this issue where, upon re-opening a project file, many of the textures cannot reconnect since they are inside lib4d packs (GSG textures, for instance, but Motion Squared 'Texture Pack Infinite' materials specifically). Am I doing something horribly wrong? I can't get inside of the lib4d files to relink the missing textures ... I've found that saving the project (collecting all of the assets) resolves this issue, as it copies the material's source images from the lib4d file to your tex folder, but I don't want to save a new project w/ assets every single time I grab a material from one of these packs. I appreciate any help anyone is able to give! screen cap of texture manager: http://i43.tinypic.com/nmajcw.jpg
  2. Hi there, I'm really happy to present my newly updated portfolio site, created from a simple wordpress theme: www.jordipages.com Would be really happy If you have a quick visit and let me know if you consider it responsive / adaptive or any other point that might be worth mentioning. Thanks a lot in advance! Best Jordi
  3. So after paying for CC for months now, is anyone using these latest versions regularly? I've tried on a couple projects and had various issues that have made me go back to CS6/R14. The only CC app I regularly use now is Illustrator. How sad is that? Yes, PS and Encoder are growing on me, but I'm not using anything in CC that wasn't in CS6 in those apps. AE CC makes me choose between importing/using/rendering QTs and using my external (via internal AJA card) monitor. C4D's team render (more specifically it's lack of a good render queue) prevents us from using R15. Yes, I'm on a 2010 Mac Pro and have the limitations (no nvidia, etc) that come with that. So maybe if you are on newer hardware you are seeing more advantages? maybe? Are guys on PCs having any better luck?
  4. I'm trying to animate the individual parts of these letters in this logo so they grow/fill out as solid geometry the specific way I want them too. I'm using multiple tracer objects to trace animated nulls along spline paths from the letters to grow/fill out the shapes. I'm trying to put those tracer object paths inside an extrude nurbs object to give them solid geometry, the problem I am having is the extrude nurbs is only extruding the actual spline. I'm not getting any caps to fill in the shape. I'm not even sure this technique is the best way to do this--any suggestions on a better way to pull this off or how to fix this problem appreciated! Here is a link to the scene file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByisW6OXOLfYOGxBdTZHV3hKNWs/edit?usp=sharing Thanks!
  5. In this brief video we discuss using RDP to monitor PCs running as render nodes. If you're already a Mac user and want more back-end render power without buying a top of the line MacPro, this is for you.
  6. A followup to the last Griptools iPad video. This time we use it to drive a ghost! A demo of the plugin can be found here... http://frieslandav.com
  7. In this tutorial we'll learn the basics of setting up GripTools to control C4D parameters with an iPad. The possibilities are endless. A demo of the plugin can be found here... http://frieslandav.com
  8. Hi, I've just posted a quick tutorial explaining how to use a Plain Effector to drive any parameter in a Cloner instance (besides just transform/color). Affect Any Clone’s Parameter with an Effector in Cinema 4D
  9. Paul Everett

    DEM Earth

    Anyone out there interested in doing Landscapes in C4D, might want to consider looking at DEM Earth.. Intro Docs.. Some Setup Videos on VIM Dynamic, high res landscapes with automated download for height data World wide coverage at 30meter and 90meter resolution, via the DEM Earh Server Access to Water layers for the entire planet Realtime Strata simulation Overlay Openstreetmap splines directly on DEM Earth (seperate OSM mporter required) If anyone has any questions, I will do my best to answer them.
  10. In this tutorial Dave embarrasses himself to entertain and inform you. Using Xpresso, we create a price "clock" that you can program numbers into using Xpresso. This is a great way to make a project that can be easily changed for your client and resent to the render queue without a lot of hassle. We encourage everyone to expand upon this to come up with other uses for this technique.
  11. hi, how do I reset the weight once I already changed it via an effector? thanks
  12. We're currently working on a system to overlay a garbage key onto a live 3D scene in C4D. Do do this we are doing a live screen capture and bringing it back in as a source. We'd like to do it this way to avoid having to bring a switcher into this. CamTwist is our current program of choice, but it uses so many system resources it bogs the computer down and makes everything jumpy. Does anyone know where we could find a Mac program that captures the screen and brings it back in as a QT video source? There used to be a program called ScreenBroadcasting, but it doesn't exist anymore. See below for a video of where we're at so far...
  13. In this tutorial we discus how to use a master gear to drive other gears using Xpresso.
  14. bre4k

    JB REEL 2013

    Hello mographers! This is my latest reel and wanted to share it with all of you, I hope you like the work Also keep an eye on my blog for more works and wip: http://logicofspace.tumblr.com/ Thanks! JB
  15. Learn how to set up sky lighting, easily create an unwrapped photo similar to HDRI, and apply it to your scene. Your GI renders will look as if they're in the environment from your location. Also learn how to incorporate it with a moving scene by applying a 3D camera tracker from After Effects.
  16. Hi fellas! here is the one of two summers id's that I made for AXN Spain ans Portugal ( Sony Pictures) done in Cinema 4d and vray. hope you like it !
  17. Hi Everyone I need some advice, I'm up for an editor position at a small produciton company in Los Angeles. They do end to end commercial production for some pretty big lifestyle brands, lots of commerials, some sizzles, web and event coverage with budgets around $80,00 to $450,000. I have been freelance the last three years and they are seeking a fulltime editor. They want someone good (not assistant level) and they pretty much offereed me the job ( I have 5+ yrs experience, expert at FCP AE, and C4d, previous lead and post-sup experience), They want to talk salary and after freelancing for so long and having such wide flucuations in my yearly net, I'm a little lost on what is the going fulltime post salary. IMO multiplying your daily or hourly rate by days or estimated fulltime hours is not going to be accurate. What's the typical salary range at a place like this in Los Angeles? My assumption is the low end at similar places with my skills is $75,000, is that way off? Any adive is appreciated!... Thanks
  18. In this tutorial, we show you how to crate a camera iris using Mograph, Effectors, and even a little Xpresso.
  19. If you think C4D's viewport is THAT slow, then please read this first and try and help yourself out. Over the last few years, in between cursing and sending feature requests to Maxon I've forced myself to learn to embrace, understand and workaround what at first seems like a lot of toys that you can't play with at the same time. After realising most users don't even use layers, I decided to spend a few days putting this together as a resource - so hopefully some won't have to go through the same issues as I did! I'm no programmer so this is 9 pages of practical layman's information, calculation explanations, proxy setup, layers, new xpresso nodes. There's a lot of stuff! https://matt-frodsham.squarespace.com/c4d-scene-speed Please let me know what you think, please don't hesitate to send me any corrections or extra info and I'll add it! Cheers, Matt
  20. Hey all, Just thought I would share this with the Cinema 4D community. I started out in the 3d world using C4D and then combined a lot of my work in Cinema with designs from other sotwares like maya and houdini. And I wanted to share some of the results and hear what people think about my work.
  21. Finished this one yesterday. It goes into a few simple things you can do to make a client's average logo look good.
  22. Hi, I begun using Cineware, and my first impressions is that is to slow to render inside of AE, I know I have a 2009 iMac, but is really slow in full resolution, so I had to came back rendering old style by making image sequences, does anybody else has problems like this? anyone with a faster computer? Regards
  23. SteadyCAMPRO v3.4 and SteadyBAKE v1.4 updates because of R15 SDK changes. Via my sign -> xfiles Trivia, as these are COFFEE plugins they should run in C4D Lite as well Cheers Lennart
  24. Okay, so i have a stack of speakers that has a dynamics tag applied to the cloner object that creates the stack of speakers. I have simulated, set initial state on the tags and baked all...so now i want to create a plain effector to animate up and down to make them bounce in a toon like manner but when I add the plain effector the rigid body tag with the baked dynamics seems to override it. Does anyone know if this is possible to do or if i'm stuck. My original plan was not to go this route but I was asked to add a bounce, this seemed to me like the best route but i seem to be stuck at the moment. Thanks, Cory
  25. So I'm having this weird issue with the velocity curve (for the position values on an animated object) capping out in the timeline. I think the velocity keeps going but +/- this arbitrary value (1000) the velocity line is flat. It's like it's hitting some kind of limit somewhere. I have nothing set on any of the keyframe properties (no clamps, no zero anything, etc). The interpolation is spline. This happens whenever the velocity gets to that limit, and not starting/stopping at a given keyframe. It is happening to all objects in the scene. I've changed the project scale units and unit display options, and still nothing helps. What is going on here?
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