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Found 41 results

  1. Hi guys This is my new video: My Job, Motion & Graphic Designer. A small Video that gives an insight into my Work. https://vimeo.com/64985891 Thanks fo watching
  2. I'd like to share one of my recent projects with you guys: http://vimeo.com/63333916 It's an animated short to promote an upcoming social networking app. Illustrations were made by the award winning 105 Pariis. Enjoy!
  3. I see alot of people still looking for confirmation about superfad. Let me elaborate. Just call the office in LA. The voicemail says they no longer have an office. Oh yeah, and try going to the website.
  4. Hi there guys! long time no see, i want to share my new site please take a look, and thanks for watching! www.javiergirona.com Regards.
  5. This is the new video for the LA based dubstep duo Masss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-jPYvJWgvo&hd=1 It was shot in a special technique in which the lead singer was projected on a squared Plate Beam-splitter in a miniature sets environment that was burnt during the shoot. (full credit list and details about the process are in the video description). Thanks, Yossi. -- Yossi Shamrik | Art Dictator //////////////////////////////////////// www.tabooplus.com
  6. Hi guys! I'm new to the forum. I'm french Graphic and Motion Designer and this is my showreel 2012!
  7. Hello, If you have the time and don't mind throwing your email address in a pot to win some free booze then please help me out by voting for me in a competition. I've been nominated as a wildcard for an award by TimeOut for my creative work. I am an animator and art director and have made some sequences that you might recognise, this being my favourite. https://vimeo.com/34652952 So if you have a minute I would be very grateful if you could throw me a vote, especially if you remember and like that sequence. Here is a link to the voting page, find my name, (Lee Jacobs), click the button next to my name and then scroll to the bottom to register the vote. http://www.thehospit...00/nominees.php Huge thanks and apologies for the self promotional post! Thanks, Lee
  8. Head over to my blog to check out the link to the new x.264 quicktime export codec. Its pretty nice. Fixes the washed out color problem that occurs with the h.264 codec. You can check a comparison on my blog. http://kevingabriel2...ad-win-mac.html There is a sweet new PC version for the Super v.2010 build.52. Much more stable and way less crashes. For the PC version, head to the bottom of the download page and find the link to download. Follow the instruction and ENJOY. A good tip is to make all the setting changes to the GUI and close the program. When you reopen the program all the changes will be there and it will be a breeze to render your files. Otherwise I have found that when you change settings and process a render you tend to get crashes.
  9. Hey guys, just wanted to share my new reel and see what people thought of it and get some feedback. Any feedback is apreciated and if nothing to say, then thanks for watching my reel. _______________ Shannonds.com
  10. I am a motion designer and I just finished my demo reel. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Feel free to check out more work on my website. Thank you! http://www.nayelilav...60755/Reel-2012
  11. Hey hey, This is from a little while back but I never got to post up here and get feedback on it until now.. Plenty of things that I'm not happy with myself but that's what pushes me to work hard and be better, what I want to know is what you guys think are it's weaknesses, in case there are any that I'm missing. Appreciate any input, Cheers! Website: www.greeble.tv Reel:
  12. Terroir

    Ninja Kore

    Ninja Kore The same way intense sub basses, textures and digital rhythms are precepcionated by our ears, blasting our minds, abstract forms invade empty spaces, giving them new life and dynamic environment. An odyssey of abstract emotions, through colors and forms that are not directly related to the outside world, but in coherent harmony with the energy released by the music, thereby creating an environment of ephemeral metamorphosis. Video on Behance Ninja Kore on the Behance Network Video on Vimeo Ninja Kore on Vimeo Film/Motion Graphics Gustavo Roseira aka Terroir Music Ninja Kore
  13. I would like to invite you to visit http://motiongraphs.qubahq.com/ - an online version of an exhibition by Quba Michalski, celebrating over a decade of his work in the field of motion design. Throughout this period Quba created several hundred of videos ranging from small independent pieces to massive visual extravaganzas for some of the world's most well-known brands. MotionGraphs gives you a rare chance to gaze into the inner workings of his projects and examine in detail the way these selected works were constructed. Each of the graphs in the exhibition is a visual representation of a single project, rendered using Adobe After Effects flowchart mode. Within the graphs, each box represents a single layer - be it a piece of video, a graphic, effect, camera, light or a simple null helper object. The arrows direct the flow of compositions and demonstrate how these elements nest within and feed one another, producing the final look of the piece. Just like the projects themselves, each graph has its own style and character. Some are beautifully simple and elegant, while others create a tangled mess of hundreds of elements connected by almost incomprehensible web of interdependencies. On a more personal level, the structures of each graph tell a story of a journey the project went through. The simplest graphs were created when the artist followed a basic, brilliant idea. The tall, symmetrical and repetitive ones were created during less exciting periods. If you see crazy, messy sections full of connections - you can be sure the project went through many changes and patches. Even the naming conventions change from one project to another. Some are strict and proper. Others - full of silly wordplay and inside jokes. On the most frustrating ones, you will undoubtedly be able to spot the artist cursing through the layer naming, trying to vent his frustrations at a misbehaving element. Running on Microsoft’s Deep Zoom technology, the page will allow you to smoothly zoom in/out and navigate through the massive graphic using your mouse (scrollwheel works too). The graphs in the project represent a small selection of works by Quba Michalski. You may view the videos themselves through his website at www.qubahq.com. The work is best viewed in fullscreen/presentation mode. You can typically activate it by pressing F11 in PC browsers and Shift-Command-F on Mac, followed by clicking the full-screen button in the lower-right corner of the graphic above. My apologies for the process being so convoluted - I am a motion designer, not a web coder Please, enjoy the show
  14. Hello Guys! I've just updated my reel. Comments and crits are appreciated. Hope you like it! Reel Website
  15. donm

    Intro Reel

    my first reel. a couple of people told me to post my reel on here for the best critique. i am a beginner and my work is not great, which is why I'm here. i do motion design as a hobbie. im 17 years old currently at college. i wanna do a design degree after 1 more year of college. intro reel - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Vrg9EW0DjJc heres my best piece (at least i think so anyway - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=qiWUgMNJlhw many thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, I've just finished my first reel and changed portfolio. Here it is: www.mkmotion.com
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