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Found 135 results

  1. Hello to everyone! I would like to share with you an animation I did for my post-production final project for university. Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFLXTkFv2Yg If you wanna see more of my works, this is my fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/raqueltraveillustration
  2. Hi guys, this is my first post on this amazing forum and one of the reasons I joined in is to meet great artists and learn from them. I've seen some astonishing demo reels here and I would like to give it a shot and share my own with all of you. I appresiate every comment on this since my goal is to get better at it. Thank you guys, so much.
  3. Hey Mo-crew. I create sound design & music for motion graphics, animation and apps. If you need sound design / music for a project or are interested in collaborations, please check my reel and more at http://ideosound.com. Clients include: ESPN/Disney, Nissan, London Science Museum, FGreat Studio, DBLG, Trajectory Studio, Toberg, and more! Thanks, Nick.
  4. What NAB was like for us as motion graphic artists and why networking is so important. Also, how to keep things from getting stale in your career and life. You know, deep stuff. Enjoy.
  5. Hi! This is a short film (very short) I made out of authentic vintage mugshots from the 1920's and the (made up) crimes behind them. Music by the very talanted Timo Baker / jonas
  6. This is a fun spot I was able to work on: https://vimeo.com/129150457 Corporate Video Production
  7. JonnyB

    USA Adventure!

    Hello! I made this while on my incredibly cliche trip across the USA, so I thought I'd share it here. Feedback is very welcome.
  8. Hello to everyone! I would like to show you my last animation. I did it on TVpaint, photoshop and the postproduction with After Effects. Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFLmVJiNXM8
  9. I see so many people asking others about this topic and getting a vague answer. I decided it was time to go line by line through a good contract or "Agreement" as I like to call it. DISCLAIMER: This is not legal advice. This contract may not be exactly what you need, but hopefully this is a great stepping stone to protect yourself as a graphic designer. Even my own contract is ever evolving based on my services. I would love to get a good discussion going about it here and hear other people's experiences and input. Maybe even some horror stories, lol.
  10. NEW UPDATED WEBSITE & NEW WORKS | Art Direction, Motion Design & Art http://www.sarwiya.com I would really appreciate any comments, suggestions, feedback. Thanks, Bharat Sarwiya
  11. Hi. If you have time enough, have a quick look at one of my last video. http://vimeo.com/108210497 I hope you’ll like it Your comments are welcome. Thanks.
  12. Hi all... here is my animation work for a e-commerce platform. Im new to these kind of animation works. All feedback is welcome and appreciated! Help me to improve. http://bit.ly/1vkVjAL
  13. Im a ad film maker and video editor. Here is my first infographics attempt. This Video is my submission for Talent house's SUNFEAST FARMLITE video contest. Theme Fitness is Fun http://youtu.be/20MSOUSzKK8?list=UUOaFNSJNB8t5tlRJ0ALFpMw
  14. Hi i'm Esteban Bustos, i'm freelance designer, here is my reel 2014: If you have any suggestions or advice would be nice to hear them.
  15. Here is a video i made for a startup called Clampbit. https://vimeo.com/104026173
  16. Hey guys! Newbie member here. Love it already. I really wanted to get some thoughts on this film I made. It's about a love affair between an anonymous lurker and a dancing internet sex demon (slightly NSFW): A bit more info : This started as a typical no-client, self-promotion fan-made music video but as time wore on I started using it to project other ideas onto and it became more a of a mutant neither-this-nor-that sort've clusterfuck of mixed intentions. Maybe you can relate. I was burning to tell a story, but I'm a motion graphics guy by day so I really have no clue how to tell a story. Rollercoaster designer, right Sagmeister? Still, I find it interesting trying to adapt the skills and knowledge I do have into forming some kind of narrative, so I thought I'd try getting this basic story across just using interface design and interaction. I'd say it has limited success as a story but I am planning to recut this into a more manageable length so I'd love to hear any thoughts you have watching it. I really fascinated with glitch effects, deep-web culture, data corruption, and moral corruption. I guess I liked the link between the two; a filthy pixelated data-stream from the seventh level of hell. Event Horizon was very formative for me. I tried making this end in redemption though, but I don't feel the redemption at all, it all feels a little flat. I've probably spent too much time making this. Oh, also, a word of advice, don't make a self-promotion piece that ends up being NSFW and full of bizarre sexual undertones unless you want to baffle and alienate all of your clients. Whoops. Thanks for your time!
  17. Smile Dental : Top of The Class from Supernaut
  18. Hello all, I finally finished my motion graphics and animation showreel, as well as my new site, so feel free to comment all, at this moment still working on my compositing showreel as I decided I will split my work on specific areas, hope you like it, enjoy, Drazen
  19. Hey Guys! Im Martin from Germany and im going to be jobless in juli 2014. At the moment im finishing my traineeship as an Audio Visual Media designer, it took 3 Years. For everyone who dont know what it is, its a system in germany where you work 3 days in a week, and go 2 days to school. After 3 years you have your exams and you are an official Designer and so on. In my job it was mainly after effects work and camera operation. My Passion is Motion Graphics, means i work with AE and C4D. Since im going to be Jobless and i see alot of job offerings outside of germany, i wonder how i could call myself? Am I an Motion Graphics Designer or 3D Artist or other names for it? Down you see my beta of my Demoreel what i will finish to send applications. I would be very glad if you could watch my reel, and tell me on what job openings i could apply. I Love broadcast design, i love to build fictional domes, like you will see in the reel within the first 3 sequences. I could imagin even to work in the architectural part of 3D and so on. Im excited to see your post! Thanks! Reel:
  20. Hello Motion Graphics fans! Here is a short montage of some example animations I have made using Easy Camera for After Effects :
  21. Polymath Design is 10! This special reel charts a quick history of bold motion graphics work from 2004 - 2014.
  22. New show reel for 2014 which showcases my work from the past year or two. Most of the content is from going freelance in February of 2013.
  23. Hi everyone, this is my new showreel, I hope you like it! https://www.behance.net/gallery/SHOWREEL-2013/14147735 cheers
  24. Hi guys, I found these bizarre and otherworldly fractals that I wanted to share with you: They're mine- I rendered them with 'Mandelbulb 3D'. Great stuff for motion graphics lovers.
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