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Found 27 results

  1. Hello all, I'm having net render issues stemming from a phantom plugin in my scene. I didn't personally add any plugins, but there may have been one in a model/scene i merged into the project. Regardless, I don't have any plugins on my system, so I get the following error when I open the project. Several plugins used in this scene are missing. Saving may cause loss of plugin data! Plugin 'Group' (ID 1016210) It doesn't seem to effect my scene as long as I'm rendering on my machine alone. However, it gets in the way in Net Render (net render won't even begin rendering the scene on any machine). I don't know of anyway to locate which objects in my scene may be making reference to said plugin. I'm assuming deleting that reference will get me good to go, much like deleting or replacing a missing texture. Anyone have any tips? I'm desperately trying to get this scene rendering as it's a bit of a beast and want to waste as little time as possible to get it going. thanks! Ryan Kehn
  2. Just to let you guys know, DeGamma 0.37 & Storm Tracer 1.38.10 Are now available for Third Party Plugins customers. More information about Storm Tracer can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/stormtracer More information about DeGamma can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma This update is purely for R13 and should be used by anyone with Cinema 4D R13 as it also fixes several outstanding bugs. In order to update your license please follow the full instructions given here on the Third Party Forums : http://forum.thirdpartyplugins.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3 Enjoy! Per-Anders Edwards
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