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Found 9 results

  1. Hi - I have a project on whereby I need to map or replace the pages in a newspaper with a plane in C4d (so that I can place my own content on later) I thought of using track marks and then setting each point location to my new plane but that seems tricky. Now I am thinking to do things more manually by overlaying a plane with same segments as my tracking markers... Let me know if anyone here has any ideas or tips on how I can may this work...
  2. I know mocha AE but am new to stereo roto in Pro. I've tracked a shot of a conductor waving his arms around in front of camera and the second view's roto shapes are not only shifted over (as expected) but also commonly much smaller. For exmaple, Here's how i tracked his waving hand: - Using a basic x-spline i loosly tracked his hand with Pos/Rot/Scale (not shear/perspective). (I tried shear and perspective but it didn't seem right as the surface/grid went crazy) - Create a more detailed spline and link to the basic. - keyframe detailed spline to match ftg - switch to 2nd view and the roto shape is similar but smaller and definitely not matching Attempt: - Uber Key: I thought I'd be able to use the Uber key and shift/scale everything in the 2nd view to match. But when I add a first keyframe on the 2nd view and move everything, the mask reforms back to it's previous state in a couple frames (based on the Hero/1st view). Where am i going wrong? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone. I'm a bit new on the freelancing scene, so I've updated my reel. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ap
  4. Learn how to set up sky lighting, easily create an unwrapped photo similar to HDRI, and apply it to your scene. Your GI renders will look as if they're in the environment from your location. Also learn how to incorporate it with a moving scene by applying a 3D camera tracker from After Effects.
  5. Matt Milstead has created an intro to AE and Mocha motion tracking and sign replacement... Brograph Tutorial 004: Motion Tracking Using After Effects and Mocha
  6. Hello, I've posted my new reel for 2013. Please check it out. Thanks!
  7. Hi. I'm trying to match move a green screen shot with tracking markers. The problem is AE assigns tracking poins on the actor, not the markers. Is there any way I can manually assign tracking points on the markers? Thanks!
  8. A quick tip tut how to re align a AE6 3D Camera tracking into Cinema R13+ so it is easier to work on the scene in Cinema world space. tcastudios tut Cheers Lennart
  9. Hey guys, just a quick project I did in a couple of days to play around with tracking, character design, simple 2D character animation... etc. https://vimeo.com/43179291 Hope you like it. Your opinions are welcome. Cheers.
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