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Found 208 results

  1. Hey Everyone, We have just posted a new reference series by Athanasios Pozantzis (Noseman) that shows you how to use Cinema 4D R18's powerful new Voronoi Fracturing Tool. Learn how to: • Use Multiple Sources and the Shader Source • Use any Object as the Point Source • Slice and Dice Objects • Control Fractures Using MoGraph Effectors & Dynamics • Expose Component Selections • Fracture the Fractures with MoGraph Selections • Use Parametric Shell Fracturing • Create Different and Interesting Fracture Patterns This tutorial is exclusively available to Cineversity premium members Check it out: Voronoi Fracture Reference The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com If you're a Cinema 4D user with an active MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) and you're not yet a Cineversity Premium member -- what are you waiting for? No matter where you live, contact your local MAXON distributor for your complimentary premium access coupon.
  2. Hey Everyone, We've just released a new series by EJ Hassenfratz about how to use 2D Style Cel Animation in Cinema 4D Lite. This is a great intro tutorial series for any After Effects user trying to get their feet wet in Cinema 4D Lite. Along the way you'll learn how to: • Create Object Outlines Using Splines • Give Spline Depth using the Extrude Object • Apply Flat Colors and Cel Shade 3D Objects • Animate Objects with MoGraph Effectors • Apply Appropriate Render Settings for Cineware This series is free to all users, so show your After Effects friends what they're missing! Check it out: 2D Style Cel Animation in Cinema 4D Lite The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  3. Hey Everyone, We've just released a new tutorial series by Donovan Keith on how to share interactive versions of your 3D models on Sketchfab using the new Cinema 4D Sketchfab Exporter plugin. Along the way you'll learn how to: • Download & Install the Sketchfab Exporter Plugin • Work with the SketchFab Viewer Settings • Prepare your Cinema 4D Models for Seamless Upload • PBR Material Workflow • Bake Materials & Lighting • Create Guided Tours Check it out: Sketchfab Cinema 4D Exporter Also, if you're a Cinema 4D user with an active MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) and you're not yet a Cineversity Premium member -- what are you waiting for? No matter where you live, contact your local MAXON distributor for your complimentary premium access coupon.
  4. Hee there! A few days ago I created a tutorial to explain how to create a Flat design motion graphic animation within Cinema 4D. If you need any help, let me know . cheers!
  5. Hi Guys! I´m building a new computer to render with Octane+C4D and compose the output in AE, with heavy emphasis in GPU power for Octane. What do you think overall? your opinions are more than welcome. I have an extra SSD m2 for the AE cache and 128 GB ram. Also a raid with 2xSSD mirroring for program files and working footage. An extra tera HD would be use as archive. Do you think the processor would do well with AE and C4D? Will Octane benefit at all from an extra SSD for cache? And from the 128 GB Ram?? Do you think cooling can be an issue with the current setup? Thanks a lot in advance! Video cards: 4x MSI GTX980 TI Gaming 6G 6144MB,PCI-E,DVI,HDMI,3xDP Processor Intel Core i7 5960x LGA2011-v3 20MB Cache 3,0GHz Motherboard: MB ASUS X99-E WS (Int,2011,X99,CEB,DDR4) Cache Disk SSD 256GB Samsung M.2 PCI-E (o.Adap.) 950 Pro Basic Storage WD 8.9cm (3.5") 1TB SATA WD1003FZEX 64mb Black OS/Working files 2x SSD 512GB Samsung 2,5" (6.3cm) SATAIII 850 Series Pro (MIRRORING) RAM 128GB 2x DDR4 64GB PC 3200 CL15 G.Skill KIT (4x16GB) 64GVR Ripjaws Power Lepa 1600W G1600-MA-EU 80Plus Gold "Modular Case: Geh CORSAIR Midi Carbide Air 540 Cube (black) OS Win Pro 10 64Bit DSP 1pk Cpu cooling WAK Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H110i GT Watercooling
  6. Hi Guys, Long time since I made one of these, let me know if you have any tips on the edit or on work I did. If you have any question how I did curtain scene, let me know! Software: C4D & AE Rendering tools: http://www.dropandrender.com
  7. Shin-Kaiser

    Dance moves

    I love animation, I love music! put them both together and..... Check out my latest 15 second animation here, critique and questions welcome
  8. Hello animators, Here's a project we recently finished here at Shotopop. I hope you like it. https://vimeo.com/152547230 Thanks
  9. Hi we are Drop & Render an innovated render farm services that provides many daily customers to get there work done on time. We released our new C4D render farm plugin. This plugin lets you render super fast and places all files directly on your harddrive, on any location you like! It has a scene check option to make sure everything is going smoothly.. It's supports many of your favourite plugins en render engines. For the full list check out the website. We are looking for beta testers, you get €10,- euro to start and we help you with any problems. You can start bij creating a free account on the website. Give it a try and let us know what you think! your option is imported to us! http://www.dropandrender.com
  10. Hello All, It's been some time since I last visited mograph.net. I wanted to share some work I completed earlier this fall at McMillan Agency for out client, BrandActive. This project was a lot of fun as it had been a while since I animated in this style. Hope you enjoy, feedback is welcome of course! https://youtu.be/HA8uYPHLHJc Thanks!
  11. Today we released our new Promo, let us know if you like it! Drop & Render is a Dutch render farm with tools that will change your everyday workflow. The C4D plugin makes rendering like its your own workstation. Download some scene file at the vimeo breakdown link, (clouds, low poly trees, coral and more) http://www.dropandrender.com PROMO BREAKDOWN
  12. This missing manual for getting your feet wet with Octane lights will help you understand the basics that you MUST know. Avoid pulling your hair out and Googling things. Learn some key elements that will make your life easier and help you dive into the world of Octane lighting.
  13. Want Smooth Viewport Navigation? Building for Video Games? Working with a Lesser Video Card? Building Octane Scenes? Here are some tips to make all these things go faster.
  14. Hey guys, I have a scene based around the Earth. The camera zooms out of a city and as it zooms out I want flight path lines sprouting from the city and landing in the major business cities of the world. I was wondering if their was a way of setting bezier splines to start/end at specific nodes of a sphere. at the moment I'm placing the start and end point and just haphazardly adjusting the position until they're somewhere close to where I need. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Lewis
  15. Hey Everyone, We've just released a free materials pack by Donovan Keith that's loaded with Cinema 4D metal materials that leverage R16's Reflectance. This pack includes 17 ready-to-use materials that enable you to effortlessly add metal textures to your objects. It includes: • Aluminum • Radial Brushed Aluminum • Rough Cast Aluminum • Warped Chrome • Copper • Radial Brushed Copper • Rough Cast Copper • Gold • Rough Cast Gold • Rough Cast Silver • Steel Material • Large, Medium, and Small Brush Steel • Pitted Steel Material • Rough Cast Steel These materials are great for SciFi looks, sports motion graphics, or even texturing pots and pans. Just download and install the library into your content browser. Then drag the materials onto any objects you want to texture. You can download and install this pack with just a few clicks using CV-Toolbox. Check it out: Cinema 4D Reflectance Metal Materials Preset The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  16. Hey Mograph! I had so much fun nerding out with Rich Nosworthy that I convinced the painfully-awesome Cinema 4D artist known as Twisted Poly to hang out for a bit and answer some more geeky questions. We talk about faking GI, using Octane, how the heck he learned to be so badass without any formal training. It might just be the perfect thing to listen to while you're mowing your lawn. Interview with Nejc Polovsak (Twisted Poly) Hope you all dig! joey
  17. Hey guys, I took some time to prepare an instructional video on Render Settings & Optimization with Octane Render for Cinema 4D + an Octane Reference Library about Kernel Settins. Here are the posts: Render Settings & Optimization with Octane Render for Cinema 4D Octane Render Reference Library - Kernel Settings Hope you find some good info in it. Best, Dobs
  18. Ever heard of composition helpers in C4D? Want to add an overlay of a golden spiral or cross-hairs? Check out this quick tip.
  19. Mograph, I posted an interview I did yesterday with the glorious Rich Nosworthy. I threw a bunch of super dorky Cinema 4D / VRay questions at him about his killer 99 Frames Trailer. Here's the interview: Rich Nosworthy Makes Awesome Robots There are a bunch of useful links in the show notes too. I hope you dig! -joey
  20. Where did the HDRI presets move to in R16? Why do they behave differently? How can you go about using them like in R15? Never used them before? This is also a great tutorial for you.
  21. Hi fellow mographers, Just wondering if anyone has some insight or advice on a Octane hardware solution, preferably Mac based so as to keep my setup on all the same os. Octane GPU rendering will be perfect for some of my personal projects, so this is going to be a home setup. I currently have a 27" iMac to use as the monitor and my budget is between £1k ~ £2k so I've been thinking about getting a used Mac Pro from ebay, perhaps a 6 core - then sticking a decent GPU card in it, or two semi good ones. Has anyone got any experience on such a set up? I've been doing some googling, and as I'm someone who is not familiar with building PC's etc I'm totally confused by this talk of 'flashing' a GPU card etc. So some of the technical details I've read so far have been a bit off putting for someone who just wants to plug stuff in and get going. From what I've researched so far it would seem I could put a Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 inside and then use a separate power supply to power that. Am I on the right tracks with that sort of research? Also - I see mention of Octane Cloud rendering, but apart from a mention on Octanes blog I don't see any further news/info. If that's an option I'd consider it too. If anyone has some insights, I'd really appreciate it.
  22. Hi I'm having weird null-sliding problems working with a Cinema 4D scene in After Effects via Cineware. I'm using nulls with external compositing tags so that when I work in AE I can "anchor" images to those nulls. That gives me more control over the position / rotation / masking of those images (at least I work faster that way). Everything works fine until frame 2020, there starts the slightly drunken null problem. You can see it clearly at 2030 (the red 100x100px solid should be resting on the black "floor"). this is my C4D scene https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8zJL1UWwvsPUVdwRXVjXzJLLTg/view?usp=sharing and this is the AE project https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8zJL1UWwvsPNzJlcXdlTW1PNFk/view?usp=sharing this is a movie preview of what I'm doing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8zJL1UWwvsPVUpDbTVscGdGMGs/view?usp=sharing thanks in advance for your help
  23. Installing after-market video cards and power supplies on a MacPro tower for Octane. Installing Octane Render Engine for Cinema 4D. Also, a brief run-through of Octane's features in Cinema 4D.
  24. Just finished this Holiday Card for a client using the Octane Renderer. I'm pretty happy with it.
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