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Found 208 results

  1. Morning. I was working on a project awhile back in R13 and used Xrefs in one of the larger scenes. One day I opened up my master file and none of the Xrefs would link up. Luckily I had kicked off final renders the day before but it still bums me out that I can't get back in the file if I needed to. I managed to relink everything but all of the positions were off which would make recreating the scene pretty painful. I am wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem. If you found a solution. etc. Cheers.
  2. I created two parts tutorial about "How To Create Button Badges with Cinema 4D", and I like to share with you guys. Found the tutorial here. Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e68OSEmyGqQ Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC5RQb4IGN4 Here are two style-frames from this tutorial: http://www.flickr.com/photos/batterystudio/7963396692/in/set-72157631482756910 http://www.flickr.com/photos/batterystudio/7963396244/in/set-72157631482756910/
  3. Started experimenting with some low poly animations for a Halloween motion graphic piece that would wrap around an entire store, about 56,000+ pixels wide. So far I'm really enjoying the style and look of the low poly effect. Thoughts? I posted more images and motion examples here.
  4. I am working on a project and I need to render out my animation 360 degrees because it is going to be put through Touch Designer and projected onto a sphere. Is there any way to do this in cinema 4d with a spherical camera render? I believe Vray has this capability but do not know of any way to render with cinema 4d. Any Plugins that do this? I found this but do not want to spend that kind of money when I just need a spherical camera (http://www.cebasstation.com/index.php?pid=product&prd_id=99&feature=991) I know I can save individual frame as hdr texture map but how could I do an entire sequence?
  5. Hello! I've decided to turn a productivity tool that i've developed and currently use at work, into a plugin. • It's for people/studios that work with a small render farm • All it does is transfer files when they're complete, either automatically - or with the click of a button. • It saves a few minutes in your day, from a really annoying job that gets in the way of other more important things. • works with the multi-passes/files that can be processed with NET RENDER (can't do depth etc) I dunno, maybe I'm the only person that thinks this is an annoying thing to do everyday Also, I need a decent name, i've picked Render Farmer for now, so do excuse the poor name choice -maybe you could come up with a better one Please let me know if you think this could help you p.s At the moment it has only been tested on R13 on a Mac Marcus
  6. 1st complete animation with Cinema 4d and After Effects. song is Ty Segall - Untitled #2. any advice is welcome. anything you don't like, please lemme know why. and comment on youtube if you want click like or any of that garbage! thanks for the feedbackz, BungToad
  7. Hello people I want to share my latest project with you fellow creators. Its an 'Adventure Time' fan art animation. I hope you appreciate it, please feel free to comment, that is the reason I am posting here... Thanks. http://www.behance.n...-Of-OOO/4587813
  8. htone83

    HT Reel 2012

    Who wants to offer some criticism? https://vimeo.com/45915393
  9. Anyone know a way to export the X&Y film offset settings on a C4D camera to an After Effects camera? Super annoying limitation IMO.
  10. Hello there everybody!! This is my first post in here... I would like to receive comments on my demo 2012: I'm trying to start working in this motion graphics world... I will appreciate some suggestions on how to move myself on this world too... thanks in advance!!
  11. Hi all, We just finished a motion graphics animation for the Belgian Development Cooperation. It was really nice to work for a good purpose :-) If you would be so kind to give us some feedback, would be great! Thx for watching! https://vimeo.com/41348504 Credits: Client: Geronimo / DGD Belgium 3D Animation: Marijn Raeven Post: Jean Pourveur Sound fx: Kwinten Van Laethem Kind Regards, J
  12. Is there a way to copy and paste thinking particle groups in the TP settings panel? Seems like that would be a no brainer but . . . .
  13. I'm really excited to share this new project. This animation was created using 720 laser-etched business cards — of which are numbered and stamped with my personal info. A really cool branding project that turned out spectacularly. See a write-up of my process here.
  14. Hey fellow mographers, just wanted to share the latest update of my reel. Hope you like it! You can also check out my site here: http://kylefranke.com/portfolio/
  15. I made a little Xpresso tool for a recent job and I thought I'd share it with you. It's nothing groundbreaking but maybe useful. It basically maps a the points of a polygon onto a mograph cloner object. You can download it and have a look at a quick tutorial here:
  16. So I have built this TP rig (posted it before) and have created a link user data field so I can drop an object into that field and the PStorm node will emit from the position of that object referenced in the user data field. That much works just fine. When I duplicate the rig--that is, the Xpresso tag on a null object--and drop an object into that user data field (different from the other one) only one of the PStorm emitters works. In my attached example, I have two xpresso tags. One is attached to TP Null and the other TP Null.1 . In the user data (labeled "Particle Group Controls" rather than the user data tab) for TP Null, the reference for the emitter is "Light." In TP Null.1 the reference for the emitter is "Light.1" As you can see, the particles start emitting from one object but not the other. I want to be able to duplicate my rig multiple times, drag an object into that reference field and have multiple TP setups emit accordingly. I feel like maybe the user data fields are referencing the same PStorm Nodes. In which case I'm not sure how to create separate instances of the Pstorm emitters. I was assuming duplicating an xpresso tag creates a self contained system? The more I think about that it seems like that wouldn't be the case. How do I make an xpresso setup fully portable or independent? https://docs.google.com/open?id=0ByisW6OXOLfYSWRwVDdTTkUxUVk
  17. Not sure how to phrase this as a topic. I have a sphere with null objects clamped and locked to the surface of that sphere. When the sphere rotates (it's constantly rotating over time) the null objects stick to the surface and rotate along with it. I'm clamping the position of the Nulls with a constraint tag and aligning the Z axis as the constraint so the Z axis of all the null objects point outward from the surface of the sphere. I have PStorm thinking particle emitters emitting particles directly outward along the Z axis from the position of those null objects. As the sphere rotates, the particles trail behind the position of the null/emitter position as you would expect them too. But what I want the particles to do is move relative to the position of the emitter. As if all the particle positions were "parented" to the position of the emitter/null object. So they don't trail behind the position of the emitter at all. So if a single particle is born, travels directly outward along Z and a line is drawn from (A) the position of the emitter to ( the position of the particle the line AB would remain tangent to the surface of the sphere as it rotates. Did that make sense? Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I'm pretty stuck. I really appreciate the help guys!
  18. Is it possible to iterate through a hierarchy of objects one by one based on a condition or event? (I think I'm saying this right) For example, I have a group of TPs affected by PGravity and I want to switch the position of that PGravity node by feeding a different Null into the object port when the particle's velocity is == 0. Could I have a hierarchy of Null/light objects, and iterate through them one by one each time a particle's (only emitting one at a time) velocity reaches 0? I've been seeking a lot of help lately and getting lots of it! I really appreciate guys!
  19. Marc Pearson - Motion Design Reel 2012 https://vimeo.com/44688380 It is long overdue, and I am sure that there is more that I will want to add to it in the future, but hot off the render is my 2012 Demo Reel! All of the work seen here was done by me using a combination of Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects and Cinema 4D. Two of the pieces, the NASDAQ video board and the Reuters video board, won Telly Awards in 2011 and ran for two weeks live in Times Square. Some of the work seen in this reel was done by me for Realpage, a software development company based in Carrollton, Texas. I currently work full-time for them as Senior Mulimedia Video Developer. The remaining work was done for my productions company, Footprint Productions. I hope you enjoy the reel and I welcome feedback, comments and critique. Thanks again for watching and expect much more from me in the future! If you would like to see these and other examples of my work, visit my website at http://www.footprint-productions.com or my portfolio at http://www.marc-pearson.com/portfolio.
  20. So I have a TP setup with a PStorm node linked to the position and global matrix of a null object. I'm trying to figure out a way with Xpresso to create a user data field that could reference any other object and output the position and global matrix of that object into my PStorm node. How would I do this?
  21. zeperez

    Reel 2008-2012

    Hi, My name's José, i'm a motion designer from Brazil. I would get some feedback of my work. Thank you very much. https://vimeo.com/37590667
  22. I have a PStorm node set up and passing those particles into particle Group.1. I'm affecting the Group 1 particles with PFriction to slow them down to a halt. I'm using a PGetData Node to output the velocity into a compare node. When the velocity is <= 1 I'm piping the output port to the On port of another Pstorm node. That much works just fine. What I want to do without keyframing the shot value of the 2nd Pstorm node is limit the number of particles emitted to 7. Or any number, really. I need all the particles to emit at once, on a single frame. So I don't think I can get rate or count to work as the particle birth type. Is there a way to turn off the particle emission? I am puzzled at the moment. Thanks for any help guys!
  23. Ginz


    Hi, I am new to this forum, a late bloomer... I will appreciate any thoughts on my last project: Thanks.
  24. Hello- My public relations firm in Chicago is looking to hire a motion graphics trainer for 1-5 days to educate our video team here. They have intermediate knowledge of After Effects and beginners knowledge of Cinema 4D. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking, or is there anyone on this forum interested? My contact information is below. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks! Abbey Ervin Weber Shandwick 875 N Michigan Ave Suite 2400 Chicago, IL 60611 312-988-2040
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