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Found 4 results

  1. In this first installment of practical ways to have fun with existing Brograph tutorials, we create a talking Jack o' Lantern face, play it on an iPad, and insert it into a pumpkin. If you'd like to get the audio file and try this yourself, use this link... ​​http://www.brograph.com/s/pumpkinaif.zip We'd love to see your version if you make your own. In fact, if you do ANY fun little projects using a Brograph tutorial please send us something. We'd love to feature it on a Fun with Brograph segment.
  2. In this tutorial we'll learn the basics of setting up GripTools to control C4D parameters with an iPad. The possibilities are endless. A demo of the plugin can be found here... http://frieslandav.com
  3. Take a look at the screenshot, in the Right View, I'm trying to get that curve of the case, but I'm not sure how to curve that entire section, with the back plane as well. Do i have to do each point individually? Here's the screenshot: http://www.dropmocks.com/mBnGtF
  4. Can I use the likeness of an iPad in a commercial for tv or web? I want to make a promo for an iPad app and was planning to purchase a 3D model of an iPad and animate away. Crazy thing is I'm not really sure about the legality of it all. I never ran into this issue before. The model shows an accurate depiction of the iPad, complete with Apple logo and all that. Can I do this?
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