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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to do some cloth simulation collisions using the soft body tag in C4d however I am running into some issues with the geometry becoming distorted. How can I avoid the geometry distortion at the end of the clip I have linked to below? Can anybody explain to me why this is occurring/how it can be avoided/remedied? Thanks! Anna
  2. Hello, I am trying to create a scene where two pieces of cloth collide in a zero gravity environment however I am running into some issues. I accomplished this by setting up two pieces of cloth and tagging them with both the cloth tag and the cloth collider tag then adjusted their forces so that they would collide with each other. All of this works for the most part- until they hit each other- Rather than colliding, smooshing around each other and eventually sliding past each other, these two pieces of cloth collide with each other and then continue to push and push and push against each other until they distort each others geometry to the point of absurdity. How can I tweak this scene or redo the scene to get a more natural cloth response? Please see video link below to see what I mean about the distortion
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