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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm working on a scene at the moment which is a cloner object producing a grid array of simple four point planes. The cloner object grows from very small to large quite quickly. What I'd like to do is use splines to connect the left point of each of the planes to a null object just underneath the cloner. Effectively it would look like a huge bunch of balloons, but planes instead of balloons. Any tips on how to connect the points of the splines to the corner of the planes? Baring in mind the planes move. Thanks in advance, apologies for the rubbish explanation. Lewis
  2. Hey guys, I have a scene based around the Earth. The camera zooms out of a city and as it zooms out I want flight path lines sprouting from the city and landing in the major business cities of the world. I was wondering if their was a way of setting bezier splines to start/end at specific nodes of a sphere. at the moment I'm placing the start and end point and just haphazardly adjusting the position until they're somewhere close to where I need. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Lewis
  3. Hey all, Apologies as I'm sure this has been addressed many times, but i'm driving myself crazy here. I need to basically recreate this sweep: https://www.behance.net/gallery/5920875/credit-news-press-tv I started off by creating one spline and rectangle with a sweep. Then I decided to use a cloner and a random effector (to make a group of random sweeps). When I try to animate all of these along a main spline, it doesn't work at all. After doing research I read about using a rail spline, but that doesn't seem to work either. I obviously don't want not use the start and end growth because these will not be growing, but rather animating along the spline path. I'll have the sweeps flying through an extruded text object and have the camera follow along. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!
  4. Hi there, The first image shows a foot pressing into cloned polygon strips using the collision deformer. It's working fine, but because of the amount of polygons needed to get the detail in the foot shape it is making moving round the scene really slow. I know I can use a flat plane and an image on it and deform that, but I need this to be made of splines because of the way the animation progresses... I was wondering if this could be done using splines and hair as the render rather than using polygons. I've tried cloning a load of splines with hair material on them but the spline dynamics and hair collider tag only work with an individual splines it seems.... I've tried the hair object and attached hairs to strips but I need the hairs to be anchored at both ends. Is this possible? I'm not massively familiar with the hair system to be honest. The 2 drawings show what needs to happen after the deformation. The white lines need to wrap round the foot completely and up the leg... so this requires more than a footprint... I know that some trickery can be used here - such as the splines for the leg form out of know where... thats fine but the foot will need more thought. I was thinking of morphing from an initial spline state through a few intermediate states to the final foot shape using the pose morph tag. However because of the amount of splines needed this is going to be a really tough task! Any suggestions on an alternative solutions to this? Cheers, Luke
  5. This is a problem I can't seem to figure out. (Ignore the shitty looking arrow) If you look at the image, I'm cloning spheres on to 3 different splines. (I'm using 3 different cloners and 3 different spline effectors on each spline to create a "running lights" effect. This effect isn't the problem) The problem is getting the lights/spheres to line up properly. Each spline offsets the spheres slightly (especially around a curve/corner) because I'm using 3 different sized splines. I've tried using the spline effector offset, but that doesn't really work. Any help would be appreciated. http://imgur.com/AMradX4
  6. Hi, I'm working in c4d and am trying to find a easy system for having connecting curved splines connect various cities positioned on a globe. All the cities are in place (specific cities, not random imaginary ones) as lights positioned around the surface of the globe. I'm trying to find an easy way to have splines immediately connected between all the cities, as well with a curve, similar to those diagrams showing flights going to different cities. I would then use these splines with spline wrap or sweep nurds to create the trajectory paths from city to city. Right now I'm doing it the tedious way, putting two cities in the tracer, converting the connected trace to a spline, modifying a curve for each path and it's taking a long time. http://www.revostock.com/After-Effects-Project/364322/Space-and-Earth-Media-Panels-3.htm Thanks in advance. Peter
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