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Found 1 result

  1. Managed to catch a good few of the presentations streamed from Siggraph by Maxon this year, I'd say it was a great set with some really inspiring stuff, plenty of good info not just sales pitches. They're going online somewhere sometime, so I thought I'd flag a couple to watch. There's plenty I didn't catch, the particle and sculpting sessions, these are just highlights of the ones I did get: 1) Conception to Delivery of Blockbuster Animations with Ash Thorp. Great stuff this one, he casually flicks through dozens of pages of killer designs, such simple techniques to achieve them, this one was all about work ethic and obsessive detail over smooth presentation and technical know-how, really inspiring. 2) Dynamic, Photorealistic Hair VFX with Jim Clark - a gold mine of info and hard-won insights - the Illumination tab, I've never even been there. 3) Hyper-Speed Animation and VFX with Matthias Zabiegly - Aixsponza showing off, love it, they seem to be really stretching the software more than ever 4) XPresso Techniques for Animation with Manuel Merkle - a bit of proper nerdiness, but well explained and worth it for the back story, which is a classic. 5) Character Animation and Interactive Storytelling with Gabriel Smetzer - nitty gritty motion stuff, and some solid, simple character techniques, showing how simple it can be to do clean character work And what I learned? Well, Aixsponza have shitty clients too; Kramer can handle the tough question ('so what do you actually do?'); character animation doesn't have to be a massive headache; Aixsponza do have ninja skills that they keep from the rest of us - and Dr Sassi can silently kill a laptop with his magical mystical fingers. Oh, and it seems C4DLive chat members don't get out very much... Over and out.
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