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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone! I decided to re-edit my showreel, while i'm waiting to clear most of the projects that I was working on during last year (2012) as it still going to take a while to have permission to show the projects that I was worked on last year. And it's that time of the year where nothing much is going on and i'm at home watching tutorials and playing around with software. So this is what I got so far, and would be amazing to hear all your bad and good comments about it. I'm always learning, so every comment good or bad that helps me to improve is more than welcome! Thanks a lot for watching! http://vimeo.com/39883263
  2. Hi everyone, I just updated my reel, crits welcome. http://www.stooch.tv/ thanks.
  3. Hey Guys, Thought I'd share up on here my latest reel for 2012, feel free to let me know what you think: https://vimeo.com/39984368 Best, - Kyle
  4. Hi Everyone, I've released a new reel and I'd love some feedback: http://hellopatches.com/72097/636574/featured/summer-2012-reel Thanks a ton!
  5. Hey all Recently updated my website and made a new cut of my reel for 2012. Wanted to show if off Let me know what your thoughts http://www.semifiction.tv -mike
  6. I almost posted in this (http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=27293&st=0) thread, due to the overwhelming good feeling and sunshine you'll find there. But I thought more people might see my post this way:) NAB with the fine folks at Maxon was a great time. You guys should know that these are people that are really passionate about the product they make, and really seem to appreciate the enthusiasm of the mograph community here and on twitter. With that said, here are 90 photos I tool while I was there. Hope you enjoy! http://www.flickr.com/photos/daveglanz/sets/72157629922606329/with/6977560334/
  7. Hi, I'm kinda new here, but i figured it might be a good idea to post my application for Hyperisland here to see what you guys think of it. Hope it will get me in to the school. https://vimeo.com/38874525
  8. Tony M


    Hi everyone, We tried mixing j query with the site to ad a little flare. We like making things look like flash with out using flash on the web sites. Check out the new look for MayoFlux and give us some feed back. - My Art Your Opinion Also if anyone is interested, we're helping out the start up company www.redbluevoice.com they are offering internships to any current art student studying animation / videography / graphic design / etc. They are buying Adobe suits for any one accepted into the internship. Send apps to production@redbluevoice.com
  9. Hey Guys, Here is my showreel I am working on at the moment using some clips from small things I've created over Christmas, I'm new to motion graphics etc. so nothing too fancy going on atm. I need some crit so please let me know what you think. (here is the link:https://vimeo.com/36254413 as for some reason the embed isn't working for me for some reason)
  10. Iacobus

    James' Showreel

    I'm sorry can someone delete this double post, Is there an option somewhere?
  11. The 2012 Happy Machine mini website is up and running. It features the new Reel. Check it out: http://happy-machine.com/ Thanks for watching! Tony
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