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Found 43 results

  1. Hi! I just finished my newest short film "Nothing is Original". Hope you like it! https://vimeo.com/293175826
  2. Purpose of the Job: The primary focus of this role is to continue, develop and advance the Motion Graphics and Animation capability of Affixxius Films and produce Animation and Motion Graphics-based projects both in full and alongside other members of the post-production team. Main duties and responsibilities: Post Production: Producing Motion Graphics and Animation projects both in full (i.e. handling entire projects) and in part (i.e. supplying Motion Graphics elements to other film projects). To contribute to larger 2D and 3D projects alongside 3D artists, compositors and editors by supplying assets or animated elements for smooth integration. To be fully involved in Research and Development work where new techniques and styles are being attempted as a result of creative requirements. Competencies Required: A superb knowledge of appropriate Animation/Motion Graphics software including; After Effects, Photoshop and illustrator. Knowledge of editing software, Cinema 4D or Element 3D would be an advantage but not essential. An exceptional creative flair and ability to work with subject matter of a very wide variety. An ability to communicate directly with clients before, during and after projects. A willingness and ability to be part of a team. Strong organisational and communication skills (written and verbal). Strong administrative and time management skills. Experience: Ideally we are looking for a candidate with at least 3 (three) years experience in the creative industries within a similar role. Personal Qualities: Creatively-minded with real flair Corporate understanding of messages Technically competent Ambitious Highly Motivated Committed to a long-term career Able to self-manage Benefits & Perks: Salary based on creativity, technical competence and industry experience. Please outline your salary expectation in your cover letter. The stunning working environment in the purpose-converted 19th-century Trinity Hall with access to industry-leading technology and facilities including a private cinema. 24 days holiday (4 of which are reserved for shut-down during the Christmas period). Training/management development plan including access to funding for training (at Management discretion). Probation: The first 6 months of employment will be considered a probation period. Next Steps: If you are interested in this role, please submit a CV to jobs@affixxius.com along with a covering letter. The role will be based on a Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm working week based entirely at our Loughborough Headquarters. Please note that on offering the position to the successful candidate, we reserve the right to place them on a fully-paid four-week trial to ensure that the personality and competence ‘fit’ with Affixxius Films is correct. Affixxius Films is an equal opportunities employer. As such, it is our policy to treat job applicants and employees in the same way, regardless of their sex, marital status, race, sexual orientation, religious or other philosophical beliefs, disability or age; nor will it discriminate on any other grounds currently not prohibited by legislation except where this is necessary to ensure the job is done effectively and safely.
  3. Steelehouse is a creative studio of storytellers and visual artists who blend the mediums of live action, motion design, animation and virtual reality to engage audiences and build brands. For years, we’ve produced content for companies such as Hasbro and Machinima. We’ve created stories for brands like Pac-Man, Lego, ECHO and Transformers. We are currently looking for a talented Motion Designer to join the team at our studio in Tulsa, OK on a full time basis. We offer competitive salaries and benefits such as paid vacation, unlimited PTO and sick days, 401k and health insurance. We also have a pretty good Christmas party and we're across the street from the best BBQ in Oklahoma … just sayin'. — Job Requirements • 3-4 years of working experience and/or a solid demo reel. • Proficient understanding of animation principles. • Proficient understanding of graphic design. • Extremely capable in Cinema 4D or Maya. You would marry one of these if you could. • Extremely comfortable in Adobe Creative Suite – After Effects/Premiere is our workflow. • Excellent attention to detail. • Good organization and communication skills. • Ability to work under tight deadlines. • Ability to work in a strong team environment. • Must enjoy donuts and other snacks that occasionally appear in the kitchen. Day-to-Day Tasks • Create compelling 2D/3D motion graphics content for our clients. • Develop various art directions and ideas for concept pitches. • Create broadcast length edits for various projects. • Communicate with producers, management, and other animators. Desirable Skills • Illustration is nice, but not required. • Knowledge of Octane is a plus (since that's what you'll use.) • Ability to take on a delegated task with a minimum of supervision. • Great editorial/storytelling capabilities. • Solid grasp of typography. Ideal traits Good Judgement. Common sense is your friend. You understand the production pipeline and you understand your role in it. Creativity and Curiosity. You’re always looking to grow your skillset, constantly seeking new techniques and new technologies. Passion and Inspiration. Motion Design is a big part of your life and how you communicate conceptually and visually. — College degrees aren't as important to us as a solid reel and an eagerness to work. We're always on the lookout for talent with hustle. If all this sounds like something you're into, we encourage you to apply with a cover letter and a link to your show reel to sferguson@steelehouse.com. No recruitment agencies, please.
  4. Animated social ad about microchips for pets Tools: Wacom Companion 2 Photoshop + After Effects
  5. PTCamillo

    My 2016 Reel

    Hey all, So I cut a new reel and I was just looking to hear some thoughts, or where you think the level of work is at. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Pete
  6. Hello everybody! This is my first animated short film. I would be really thankfull for feedback as I am just working on my next short film. I used Photoshop and After Effects for creating. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi, Here's a motion work that I created for the main title Web TV talking about flood. Have a look: Thx
  8. chj

    Animated Typography

    Hey, Just finished up a side project I had been doing in my own time. Ive always been a lover of typography so wanted to create my own font that could be used in animation. All comments welcome. Thanks
  9. Hey Guys, this is my latest ShowReel, take a look! I hope you like it http://https://www.behance.net/gallery/43738293/Dario-Cavaliere-ShowReel-2016
  10. Hello, Please find my latest logo animation below :
  11. Today we'll be using Adobe After Effects to create a 2D Coin animation. You'll learn some useful techniques. I'm happy to help if you've got questions. Tutorial: ----------------------------------------­­--------------- // Follow and contact me here // ----------------------------------------­­--------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motionvolt Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MotionVolt
  12. Today we'll be using Adobe After Effects to create a 2D/3D Parallax animation. You'll learn some useful techniques. I'm happy to help if you've got questions. Example: Tutorial: ----------------------------------------­­--------------- // Follow and contact me here // ----------------------------------------­­--------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motionvolt Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MotionVolt ----------------------------------------­­--------------- // Follow and contact me here // ----------------------------------------­­--------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motionvolt Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MotionVolt
  13. Hello All, It's been some time since I last visited mograph.net. I wanted to share some work I completed earlier this fall at McMillan Agency for out client, BrandActive. This project was a lot of fun as it had been a while since I animated in this style. Hope you enjoy, feedback is welcome of course! https://youtu.be/HA8uYPHLHJc Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm Adrian Moran. I'm a newbie here, and I wanna introduce myself with my reel and I wanna know what you think about it. I'm from Barcelona, I have 4 years of experience on Motion & Graphic design. I studied multimedia in Barcelona, while I was studying I started my own company and I worked there for 3 years. After that I worked 1 more year in an advertising company called Ondho, and now I'm a freelancer. Hope you like it, any feedback is welcome
  15. Doe anyone know any good resources/ tutorials to animate 2D effects like the ones in this video?
  16. Hello all, I'm very new here, and new to the community in general. I wanted to post my reel, to see what people thought, understand where I'm coming from, but also use it as a chance to introduce my self. I'll post it now, so and blab afterwards: A little about me: I studied film and video production in college, with every intention of being an editor, and down the line becoming a director. When I graduated, I had a rough time finding a job in the area I lived, and would spend half of my day sending out resumes, and the other half trying to learn something that would give me an edge: AE and C4D. I had used the programs in school, but there were no classes offered in the mograph world, nor animation(in the film department), so I had always been self taught. Fastforward, I've now been working about 3 years in the MoGraph industry for the same tiny studio, constantly trying to throw in freelance where I can to offset the tedium of the "tech explainer videos" I make daily. I would love any thoughts you have on how the reel is structured, the content of the reel, and to just to get to know people in this community. I just finished Binky's series on building a reel, and I already have a feeling mine breaks a couple rules (especially length). Speaking of length, I'll stop talking now. Cheers! -Alex
  17. Hello to everyone! I would like to share with you an animation I did for my post-production final project for university. Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFLXTkFv2Yg If you wanna see more of my works, this is my fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/raqueltraveillustration
  18. Hey guys, I'm a freelancer from Cracow, Poland. Just posted a new reel. Thanks for taking a look! https://vimeo.com/125490662
  19. Hey, I'm back... Trying to take notes from last time, also working on some new projects along the way, hopefully I've absorbed some knowledge just by hanging around! Would love to hear people's thoughts! This is a WIP, so all notes are welcome. Cheers!
  20. Hello to everyone! I would like to show you my last animation. I did it on TVpaint, photoshop and the postproduction with After Effects. Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFLmVJiNXM8
  21. Hey guys, Check it out our new animation for Cachaça 51: Hope you all enjoy. And here is the full post: http://lecube.tv/projects/dj-51/ Cheers
  22. BTang

    BTang Reel

    Hello! Check out my new reel. Enjoy! -BTang
  23. Smile Dental : Top of The Class from Supernaut
  24. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/animators-new-favorite-software-animation-paper I almost wish this was more expensive so they wouldn't need quite so many backers to fund it. At $59 this looks incredible. I've been animating in PS lately, and I actually really like it.. especially to be able to use all the familiar brushes etc. However it's pretty clunky to actually start from nothing. With all the recent Adobe outcry and the call for independent developers to make alternative, streamlined tools... I for one would be super disappointed if this didn't make it out the gate Cheers
  25. This was a fun TV spot I was able to work on for a local Law Firm that offered free Taxi rides on St. Patricks day to keep Utah roads safe. https://vimeo.com/89146724 Utah Video Production
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