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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys So I wondered how difficult would it be to make my own Transformers film,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well here is the trailer for my 'Age of Extinction' film. http://youtu.be/Oc8XfhaqyWs It will have a running time of about ten minutes when its finished, there are over 150 VFX shots incorporated to which post production is still underway. The finished film will be ready to view in June just before the bigger budget Michael Bay film is released. For any Transformers fans I hope it proves entertaining enough to enjoy the viewing experience. This has been made to learn new VFX techniques, and have some fun to! Feel free to subscribe to my channel should you wish to be notified when the final film is posted. Thanks
  2. Hi, here is my new demoreel. the software used are AE CS6, 3D Max and Premiere CS6. Plugin used is Trapcode, and some free scripts downloaded online. Here is the link: http://vimeo.com/72957519 Any feedback would be much appreciated (constructive one please).
  3. Head over to my blog to check out the link to the new x.264 quicktime export codec. Its pretty nice. Fixes the washed out color problem that occurs with the h.264 codec. You can check a comparison on my blog. http://kevingabriel2...ad-win-mac.html There is a sweet new PC version for the Super v.2010 build.52. Much more stable and way less crashes. For the PC version, head to the bottom of the download page and find the link to download. Follow the instruction and ENJOY. A good tip is to make all the setting changes to the GUI and close the program. When you reopen the program all the changes will be there and it will be a breeze to render your files. Otherwise I have found that when you change settings and process a render you tend to get crashes.
  4. zeperez

    Reel 2008-2012

    Hi, My name's José, i'm a motion designer from Brazil. I would get some feedback of my work. Thank you very much. https://vimeo.com/37590667
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