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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm creating this post to reach out to the wider mograph / cg community about a few courses I'll be teaching at the Blender Institute. These are aimed at experienced users of either Cinema 4D or 3ds Max, as a crash course primer for getting into Blender. As some of you may know the devs over at the Blender Institute are hard at work on a new version that packs a lot of interesting features, making it interesting for all kinds of users. I switched over to Blender a number of years ago as a freelancer and have had a blast exploring it and building my pipeline around it. Here's my work as an example of what I've been doing with it: mantissa.xyz That being said, I'm not aiming to convert people or anything, but if you're interested in adding it to your workflow or are looking to switch, these intensive courses are tailored exactly to that. There's a maximum class size of 10 people and everything is held over at the new Blender HQ in Amsterdam in the coming months. Depending on the popularity of the courses, they're very open to hosting more courses in the future, as well as new ideas for ones that people want to see. Each crash course is one week, and is designed to cover as much of the relevant Blender pipeline as possible. The C4D users one is aimed a bit more at mograph, and the 3ds Max one is aimed more towards generalists. I've made sure each one has ample time included to answer everyone's questions so you don't feel like you've missed something when all is said and done. The cost is 1600 EUR (ex. Tax), which I understand isn't cheap, but a large chunk of that goes to the Blender Institute itself as development funds. That means you'll also get a chance to talk to different developers on location and get a feel for how Blender is being made and who the people are behind it. I've been teaching close to 10 years now on top of working for various studios and artists in a multitude of different sectors, with a general love for the industry and am really excited about getting more professionals in to the ever-growing Blender community. Here's the pages for the different courses: Blender for C4D artists Blender for 3ds Max artists I'll also be keeping an eye on this thread, so if you have any questions or comments, I'd be happy to provide more info and answers.
  2. Tutorial about making 3d snow in 3ds max: Snow in 3ds max Part 1 Snow in 3ds max Part 2
  3. Hey guys, This is probably a simple question but here goes: The station I work for has had its redesign done by an agency who supplied me the logo in MAX format. The problem is that I use C4D (and AE with element3D). Should I: A: Download and install a trial of 3ds max, open and export the files to OBJ (is it possible?) ? B: Ask someone who has 3ds max to export the files for me? C: Give up and redesign it myself in C4D (its only an extruded helvetica font, 3 basic colors and simple shading as far as I can see. But I'm pretty new to materials etc and i'd probably have to tinker quite a bit to achieve the same shading... see screenshot) Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Cheers!
  4. Hey everyone. I'm a bit new on the freelancing scene, so I've updated my reel. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ap
  5. Hi everybody! Please check out my recent project I made for AE templates.
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