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Found 52 results

  1. Hello! I'm Nuno Leites, a motion designer based in Porto, Portugal. I launched my first reel 4 years ago and in the meanwhile many things have changed. I created my own studio, Snack Studio, where I worked during 4 years. Six months ago we decided to go different pahts and I returned to my freelance journey. In this reel you will find a compilation of projects I developed during the last 4 years. + projects and info: nunoleites.com
  2. So I'm a big fan of Discord, using it for all sorts but I looked around and strangely enough couldn't find a MoGraph specific server. So as the guy behind Cinema 4D MoGraph as well as a motion graphics freelancer myself I figured I should, well, you know, sort of make the effort, here's the link to anyone interested in joining : https://discord.gg/X8ue7F
  3. So im trying to build out a library with after effects files (.aep) as the main content. An Example is, we have a lot of things like webpages that need to be animated and they get used by everyone. So we made self contained .aep files that have the animations and we just import them into each project by going to File>import. it would be way easier to just make a library that could house .aep files, but it seems l can't do that.. or maybe I'm not doing correctly... Has anyone done something like this? I can obviously just add things like images, psd, AI, footage, etc to a library, but none of that stuff has the looks, animation attached to them, so its not really a template to save time. Id rather be able to go in animate that logo, save out a composition/ .aep and add it to the library then ever AE user in our team can use it without having to navigate our server to import each time. Sorry if it sounds like in ranting, I've seen so many videos on just AE > premier and that doesn't help at all. What do you guys do? * i should say I realize that libraries can handle .aep files. So hats what I'm trying o figure out a good way to work https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/libraries.html
  4. Happy New Year! A new year calls for a newly redesigned website and showreel. Enjoy! www.sethminnich.com
  5. Today we'll be using Adobe After Effects to create a 2D Coin animation. You'll learn some useful techniques. I'm happy to help if you've got questions. Tutorial: ----------------------------------------­­--------------- // Follow and contact me here // ----------------------------------------­­--------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motionvolt Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MotionVolt
  6. Today we'll be using Adobe After Effects to create a 2D/3D Parallax animation. You'll learn some useful techniques. I'm happy to help if you've got questions. Example: Tutorial: ----------------------------------------­­--------------- // Follow and contact me here // ----------------------------------------­­--------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motionvolt Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MotionVolt ----------------------------------------­­--------------- // Follow and contact me here // ----------------------------------------­­--------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motionvolt Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MotionVolt
  7. Hi, I've been learning motion graphics in AE and C4D over the last year or so and feel it's time to consider upgrading my PC. Below is my current build: - GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard - Intel Core i7-3770K - Gigabyte GTX 770 2GB (OC Edition) - 32GB Patriot Viper 3 - Sandisk Extreme 120GB SSD for OS - Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD for AE disk cache - 1TB Seagate HDD for project files - 400GB Seagate HDD for renders - Corsair Carbide 500R case - Corsair HX750 PSU I've also just bought: - 2x Samsung 850 Pro 256GB - Noctua NH-D15 cooler I plan to use more of C4D as time goes on and have been advised to get into Octane rendering. With that in mind: Can anyone recommend any worthwhile upgrades or replacements for this build? Would adding a second GTX 770 be worthwhile or do I need to replace the GPU for something more powerful and with more memory, ideally? I'm open to considering replacing the CPU and/or motherboard, if a new CPU would substantially benefit my work? How is best to configure my drives? Thanks for your help!
  8. Hey all, I'm a bit stuck and I was hoping I could get some advice here. I'm branding a TV show and was tasked to design a Neon sign in c4d. We're getting the sign made to use on set for the tv show, however I need to make the titles using the 3D model. I came across this awesome break down which, although is quite in depth - it's not step-by-step enough for me to apply to our concept. The problem I have is when it comes to rendering multiple passes to control the illumination in AE. So instead of going that route I decided to try light the scene in C4D using the illumination channel on the material. It looks nice in a still frame render but as soon as theres multiple frames then theres way too much flicker going on. Below are 2 renders, one with the illumination enabled and one with just the lights enabled. My question is : How can I either get rid of the flicker that occurs due to the GI, or how can I render out a pass whereby I can adjust the illumination of the neon in AE? I understand Travis used the neon in a separate pass as a track matte, but thats about as far as my knowledge can divulge. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  9. So I had this idea after reading an article about how they created the lens flares in Gravity to try to recreate something similar in After Effects. http://www.3dartistonline.com/news/2013/12/creating-gravitys-earth-stars-an... So the idea is to photograph a led light shining straight into the lens in a 16x9 pattern giving me 144 stills. I'm thinking that it should be possible with expressions to link a null object with expressions and time remapping so when you move the null across the comp the flare images swap to image with corresponding placement of the flare in the grid. I've looked at some expressions that for instance swaps a mouth according to rotation or an up and down slider. https://vimeo.com/11602929 But I need it to change according to it's x AND y position. So just to clarify. Say we have an 1080p comp and we divide it in a 16x9 pattern, each pattern is 120x120px. If the null is anywhere inside the upper left pattern (x,y=0,0 > x,y=119,119) we see FlareImage01. If we move the null to say x,y=120,0 we see FlareImage02. x,y=240,0 FlareImage03... up to FlareImage16 But if the null moves down on the y-axis to x,y=0,120 we see FlareImage17. I realize it will probably be a bit choppy result since there isn't any transitions between the images. I'm more interested if it's possible to create. So if someone has any ideas how to solve it or any good links with similar solutions pleas let me know! Thanks!
  10. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to animate layers in AE in a similar way to Mograph in C4D. Basically, im thinking of an array object, that would duplicate my original precomp, and have some basic animatable features (scale, rotation, position). So far i've been using Echo for a linear / radial cloning effect, but i think there must be a better way for that. Any ideas? thanks, Csaba
  11. The 2015 update is my first since going freelance. Tried to keep it to mostly new stuff, short, and only show the kind of work I want to do. Also included a site facelift (still in progress). As always, feedback encouraged and appreciated.
  12. Fresh off the render queue, I supervised the vfx for this film for BECHTEL's 'We Need Engineers' initiative. Tons of roto, cg, tracking and late nights, but we got there in the end. What do you guys think? https://vimeo.com/119434335
  13. BTang

    BTang Reel

    Hello! Check out my new reel. Enjoy! -BTang
  14. This is a short metaphorical tale about life’s ups and downs. https://vimeo.com/92242882
  15. Hey all, Couldn't find any forum about this. I want to parent a line to rotate with a radial wipe transition. Would be best to attached both to a slider. Any ideas? or Any idea what the expression is to convert 360 rotation to 100%? thank you, J
  16. Hi there. I have a porblem with some footage, the client filmed in Red cam 5K , 5120X2700 which is a 1.9:1 aspect ratio I think, and when they pass me the footage proxies they convert the 5120X2700 1.9:1 aspect ratio to a 1920x1080 16:9, so the proxies have a black letter box. :S The final video needs to be 16:9 without letter boxes, the question is WHATS THE EXACT % OF SCALE I need to add in AE to eliminate those letter boxes? Thank you very much!!
  17. This was created in After Effects. I used Freeform to add displacement to the layers. Any thoughts about this?
  18. Hi there, I'm really happy to present my newly updated portfolio site, created from a simple wordpress theme: www.jordipages.com Would be really happy If you have a quick visit and let me know if you consider it responsive / adaptive or any other point that might be worth mentioning. Thanks a lot in advance! Best Jordi
  19. So after paying for CC for months now, is anyone using these latest versions regularly? I've tried on a couple projects and had various issues that have made me go back to CS6/R14. The only CC app I regularly use now is Illustrator. How sad is that? Yes, PS and Encoder are growing on me, but I'm not using anything in CC that wasn't in CS6 in those apps. AE CC makes me choose between importing/using/rendering QTs and using my external (via internal AJA card) monitor. C4D's team render (more specifically it's lack of a good render queue) prevents us from using R15. Yes, I'm on a 2010 Mac Pro and have the limitations (no nvidia, etc) that come with that. So maybe if you are on newer hardware you are seeing more advantages? maybe? Are guys on PCs having any better luck?
  20. having trouble finding a spesific answer for this one. right now I'm using app.project.file.path which gives me something like this: say I have a project file at ~/desktop/my_project/ae_project_files and I want to create an 'output' folder in ~/desktop/my_project/ how would I programmatically select a directory one up from the one my project file is in?
  21. Sounds like a spam post, but no. Just saw this video from James Whiffin yesterday. You set up your AE render queue with "Multi-machine settings" for both output module and render settings (default is PSD sequence btw) and then set off as many BG Renderer instances as you have processor threads. It is scary fast. Amazing. Obvs you need to stitch the image sequence and add your sound bed, but that's what Quicktime Pro is for, right? The added bonus is that if you use RSMB a lot and have to re-render crossed frames (you know, the orange cross that Reelsmart says means you're a pirate even if you bought the f'kin plugin an hour ago) each instance calls up the single frame it needs, skipping the ones that the other BG Renderer instances are working on - meaning no more crossed-out frames! Edit: Got a bit excited there. No, RSMB is truly on a mission to ruin my life. Happy rendering boyos (yes, I know about 20% of you are all too aware of this, just thought I'd spell it out). http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/workflow/significantly-speed-up-your-renders-from-after-effects/
  22. Is there a way to turn all the 2D Source points in After Effect's 3D camera tracker into nulls? I get the full menu with 3D Solved, but when I toggle it back to 2D source it only gives me the option to delete points. I wanted to then use the null points to create a triangulation look either with Plexus or something else. Not actually for a real project. I just wrapped a project with MLK in it and had the footage handy.
  23. What do you think of this text animation I did? https://vimeo.com/69730301
  24. Hi guys & gals, I want to render multiple instances of my AE project via the terminal on multiple machines. Can I do so if I am using AE CS6 on the main computer but all the rest of the machines have AE CS5? Me: CS6 Everyone else: CS5 Can I render on their terminals? If not, any other ideas to make a quick and dirty render farm? Any good soup recipes?
  25. To mark my 10 years fiddling in motion playground, I cut the hell out of my work, leaving 3:20 showreel for you and my grand children to see. https://vimeo.com/64891400 your comments and critics are welcome. thanks for watching. more?
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