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Found 2 results

  1. Before I begin, I'd like to add a disclamer- I've used Adobe products at companies for years with few licensing problems that I can remember. I work at a university, teaching design. A student purchased a CC license for home use but has had major issues getting the license to work. She's contacted Adobe a few times-one of which times was at uni while I watched her speak to online support. They said it would be resolved in 3 days. We're up to 3-4 weeks. I've personally written and tweeted to various Adobe accounts/addresses myself, including Todd K that posts on this very board. I have a lot of respect for Todd, because his posts all over the web (not just here) are very informative. That said, this is too long and we're trying to get Adobe to respond, with no solution in sight. Other students have purchased licenses and had it up and running in minutes. It seems sad to me that this person is getting punished for attempting to buy software legit. So, if you've had similar experiences how do you get them resolved?
  2. So after paying for CC for months now, is anyone using these latest versions regularly? I've tried on a couple projects and had various issues that have made me go back to CS6/R14. The only CC app I regularly use now is Illustrator. How sad is that? Yes, PS and Encoder are growing on me, but I'm not using anything in CC that wasn't in CS6 in those apps. AE CC makes me choose between importing/using/rendering QTs and using my external (via internal AJA card) monitor. C4D's team render (more specifically it's lack of a good render queue) prevents us from using R15. Yes, I'm on a 2010 Mac Pro and have the limitations (no nvidia, etc) that come with that. So maybe if you are on newer hardware you are seeing more advantages? maybe? Are guys on PCs having any better luck?
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