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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys! Been awhile since i've been on the boards, but I have another problem that's stumping me. I've always gotten good answers before, and would love some help. I'm trying to create a field of wheat, with a simple crane camera move. I'm using C4D's Hair engine, hoping to get some good slow wind movement. There's a few issues I'm having... I'm not sure how to create the stalks of wheat. Ideally, it'd all be a hair/feather (possibly both?) material so there would not be too many polygons in the field. Otherwise, I'd just model one stalk and use Mograph to clone it, but then I'd lose the soft wind dynamics you get with the Hair engine... Is there a way to have tall stalks of wheat using Hair, and attach a Feather object on the tip to look like the grain? That'd be great... Just not sure how to do that. Also, does anyone have any idea how to get grass/wheat dynamics to look natural? All my attempts have the stalks all appearing entirely too stiff, or way too loose and flopping all over the place. How do you have that natural, loose yet firm look to the hair so it isn't bouncing around? What parameters to you mess with? I've been messing with the Rest mix/Rest hold values, but can't find anything I like. This is my first foray into Hair, so maybe I'm just not sure what to look for... Any words of advice would be amazing. I'm sure this isn't that uncommon of a request, but I cant find that much online on it... Again, any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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