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Found 9 results

  1. I dug around some and didn't find a recent thread on the topic. Forgive me if there is one and I missed it. I'm looking for recommendations on a printer that can support at least 11x17 prints for mood boards, style frames, storyboards, etc. Borderless preferred. Right now I use a larger office copy machine when I need to crank out a dozen or so at a time, at 11x17, but it's not a good quality or borderless. I have a small Canon Pixma ink jet in my edit bay for printing one-off photos/video frames if I need it pretty, but that ink is too pricy for this kind of pre-pro work. Can be either laser or ink. I need to be able to print out a dozen or so prints a week without breaking the bank on ink. Budget cap is around $1,000. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the number of options out there, so I figured I'd turn to the community of people that do the kind of work I do. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi, Here's a motion work that I created for the exhibition on Sonia Delaunay at Museum of Modern Art of Paris. Have a look: Thx
  3. NEW UPDATED WEBSITE & NEW WORKS | Art Direction, Motion Design & Art http://www.sarwiya.com I would really appreciate any comments, suggestions, feedback. Thanks, Bharat Sarwiya
  4. Hey guys, check out this short CGI animation i made about the Platonic Solids: Thanks!
  5. jeffbriant

    Mmmm Motion.

    Hey all, I've got a reel now.. and some other stuff. Maybe this will amuse some of you. I freelance, always looking. Bring it on, brutha. www.jeffbriant.com
  6. I am a Mumbai based artist/ designer. I have recently completed a short film based on an old poem of mine. The Creases of Address Music: SADNESS COSMO by Bruno Philippsen ( Passo Fundo, Brazil ) Narration: Chris Vail . Based on an old poem of mine: CREASES OF ADDRESS Sharp strands of wind skipping the daylight. He stands there… holding the silver horn. Herds of people converging through the narrow escape route… announcing the arrival of the ready and quick. Look behind your shoulder and smile back at them… they are tired and hurt. Aeroplanes keeps blocking the sky, filling it with moist dust. Read the creases of these addresses… spinning out your dreams… my dreams… reaching out to the golden bridge. We are here and waiting… for them to understand all these stupid things near you and I. Reading threads of memories… walking away from our doorstep. Stop him before he breaks the horn… This should be simple for you. Thanks and warm greetings from India, Bharat Sarwiya
  7. Terroir

    Ninja Kore

    Ninja Kore The same way intense sub basses, textures and digital rhythms are precepcionated by our ears, blasting our minds, abstract forms invade empty spaces, giving them new life and dynamic environment. An odyssey of abstract emotions, through colors and forms that are not directly related to the outside world, but in coherent harmony with the energy released by the music, thereby creating an environment of ephemeral metamorphosis. Video on Behance Ninja Kore on the Behance Network Video on Vimeo Ninja Kore on Vimeo Film/Motion Graphics Gustavo Roseira aka Terroir Music Ninja Kore
  8. I would like to invite you to visit http://motiongraphs.qubahq.com/ - an online version of an exhibition by Quba Michalski, celebrating over a decade of his work in the field of motion design. Throughout this period Quba created several hundred of videos ranging from small independent pieces to massive visual extravaganzas for some of the world's most well-known brands. MotionGraphs gives you a rare chance to gaze into the inner workings of his projects and examine in detail the way these selected works were constructed. Each of the graphs in the exhibition is a visual representation of a single project, rendered using Adobe After Effects flowchart mode. Within the graphs, each box represents a single layer - be it a piece of video, a graphic, effect, camera, light or a simple null helper object. The arrows direct the flow of compositions and demonstrate how these elements nest within and feed one another, producing the final look of the piece. Just like the projects themselves, each graph has its own style and character. Some are beautifully simple and elegant, while others create a tangled mess of hundreds of elements connected by almost incomprehensible web of interdependencies. On a more personal level, the structures of each graph tell a story of a journey the project went through. The simplest graphs were created when the artist followed a basic, brilliant idea. The tall, symmetrical and repetitive ones were created during less exciting periods. If you see crazy, messy sections full of connections - you can be sure the project went through many changes and patches. Even the naming conventions change from one project to another. Some are strict and proper. Others - full of silly wordplay and inside jokes. On the most frustrating ones, you will undoubtedly be able to spot the artist cursing through the layer naming, trying to vent his frustrations at a misbehaving element. Running on Microsoft’s Deep Zoom technology, the page will allow you to smoothly zoom in/out and navigate through the massive graphic using your mouse (scrollwheel works too). The graphs in the project represent a small selection of works by Quba Michalski. You may view the videos themselves through his website at www.qubahq.com. The work is best viewed in fullscreen/presentation mode. You can typically activate it by pressing F11 in PC browsers and Shift-Command-F on Mac, followed by clicking the full-screen button in the lower-right corner of the graphic above. My apologies for the process being so convoluted - I am a motion designer, not a web coder Please, enjoy the show
  9. http://vimeo.com/27202809 New Design/Production studio in Chicago... This is our first reel. Let us know what you think. Cheers. _Amador Valenzuela | @amador_v Director of CG/Animation the Material Group www.thematerialgroup.com
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