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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, I have to create ~60 minutes of live visuals for a friend's live show (electronic music). I work with AE and C4D, but I've also heard about TouchDesigner, which could be more appropriate for audio reactive stuff.Have any of you ever done live visuals? What is usually your process? Loops in AE and then playing them live? I tend to work in narrative based projects, so I'm kind of overwhelmed with the amount of content I need to produce, while maintaining a general quality and identity.I started to explore TouchDesigner, but it is going to take me a long time to get proficient in that. I'm ready to do it, but wanted to get your feedback if it is really worth it in terms of quality of results and control. What about other tools that can help in generating fast iterative results, or audio reactive visuals (even if the learning curve is big)?I'm probably just getting lost in the tools part and should focus on what I want to create, but maybe some of you went through the same and can help me out!
  2. Use noise and gradients to drive the Shader Effector. Then add audio and Expresso techniques learned in Tutorial 054 to drive the individual cloner objects.
  3. In part I we learned how to use the displacer deformer to see your displacement live in the viewport and learn what cool stuff you can do with noise. In this version we will be driving the components with audio by using the sound effector and some basic Xpresso. Part III on noise will cover the Shader Effector using noise.
  4. Hi! I'm Biel, from Barcelona. I make music and sound design for any kind of project. I'm opening this post looking for more projects in which I can collaborate, this way I'll keep improving my skills. I'll do it for free as far is not a money-earning work. So if you are interested mail me at biel.blancafort@gmail.com and we'll talk. Here's a website with some of my works.
  5. Hey Mo-crew. I create sound design & music for motion graphics, animation and apps. If you need sound design / music for a project or are interested in collaborations, please check my reel and more at http://ideosound.com. Clients include: ESPN/Disney, Nissan, London Science Museum, FGreat Studio, DBLG, Trajectory Studio, Toberg, and more! Thanks, Nick.
  6. I shot and edited a video with Premiere. Some of the audio was recorded on set into a DSLR, other portions in a studio. The video and audio play fine in Quicktime and in Premiere. The problem I'm experiencing is that the audio recorded on set is dropping out of the YouTube video on certain devices and browsers. Has anyone here experienced this problem?
  7. I recently edited a quick documentary with voice over. The original edit and script did not include audio from the camera. The client wants to add some noise from the camera track. Is there a way to add it back into the edit easily? I'd love a right click command that simply adds the audio. Does this exist and I'm not seeing it? Thanks.
  8. In this tutorial we will look at how to sync 2D mouth movements to audio using After Effects expressions.
  9. This is a tutorial about our new After Effects tool Beat Assistant. Beat Assistant detects the bpm (beats per minute) of your audio files and generates markers or keyframes according to the beat. Furthermore, you can stagger layers, such that with each beat a new layer appears, for example. Beat Assistant in 1 Minute: Detailed Tutorial:
  10. Any leads on where you guys find great... - Soundbits (Like Audio Jungle) - Music (Creative Commons, and preferably cheap) Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi, I've got a project I'm working on in the moment in which I have to do adjustments and modifications to a sphere to give the sense of audio moving through it. The sphere is made up of horizontal strips with a bit of thickness. I've done some initial tests using mograph modifiers + sub poly displacement and various settings using random (turbulence and noise setting) effectors and shader effector. Now I've been asked to refresh this idea and actually make the horizontal strips respond to the audio of the piece. Not literally or directly, like the mograph sound effector but like as though you had a guy/or girl holding one end of a blanket creating small and large flicks in sync to the audio and thus causing waves that move away from him through the blanket. So A. It needs to respond to the audio and B. The waves that move horizontally through the horizontal strips as a result would look almost representative of the actual waveform, except a lot smoother. Highly complicated question, I know. Any ideas? I already have one solution using the cloth modifier, effecting the cloth with a scaling cube synced to the audio which flicks the cloth into waves and then rendering it as a depth map and bringing it back into mograph as a shader but am obviously open to simpler solutions! Cheers, Peter
  12. I work at a firm that does tons of commercial animations to jingles. We recently upgraded to C4d 13 and now I'm having audio issues. My normal workflow includes animating a client's logo to the words in the jingle. C4D 12 would playback audio when playing back on the timeline flawlessly. With Ver 13, it stops and stutters as if it's compensating for lag in the video playback. I've even tried playing back with just a wireframe to no avail. I think the issue comes from the way C4D plays back. In Ver 12, the viewport would skip frames and become choppy in order to keep time a priority. Now it concentrates on displaying every frame. Hence, the audio skipping backwards to catch up with itself. Does anyone know if there are priority options of some sort that would help fix this issue?
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