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Found 11 results

  1. So having a problem creating a basket ball net simulation. I am getting two extremes in that either the ball goes through the net and breaks the simulation or does not go through it at all and bounces out. I have two links to videos showing the problem. I feel like I am just missing one button somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. With cloth only: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TWCvL6tkV0prRq8E4Oe1Mg09XYXoo8ZJ/view?usp=sharing With cloth and collider: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j-Czk_UdOl18wDui4iKcAvb4aqk2jesf/view?usp=sharing Object Panel:
  2. Hi there, I'm really happy to present my newly updated portfolio site, created from a simple wordpress theme: www.jordipages.com Would be really happy If you have a quick visit and let me know if you consider it responsive / adaptive or any other point that might be worth mentioning. Thanks a lot in advance! Best Jordi
  3. New collaboration by Jordi Pages and Combustion for the Sci-fi London Titles 2013 Please check the movie here Thanks a lot for watching
  4. New collaboration by Jordi Pages and Combustion for the Sci-fi London Titles 2013 Please check the movie here Thanks a lot for watching
  5. I am trying to create an animation of a piece of cloth staying in the same spot and blowing in the wind but I can't seem to get the cloth tag to allow me to have the fabric be effected by wind without it moving further and further away from it's original point. What are some ways that I could get the cloth to stay in one location but still curl and oscillate as if it were being blown by the wind? Would love to hear any suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am trying to create a scene where two pieces of cloth collide in a zero gravity environment however I am running into some issues. I accomplished this by setting up two pieces of cloth and tagging them with both the cloth tag and the cloth collider tag then adjusted their forces so that they would collide with each other. All of this works for the most part- until they hit each other- Rather than colliding, smooshing around each other and eventually sliding past each other, these two pieces of cloth collide with each other and then continue to push and push and push against each other until they distort each others geometry to the point of absurdity. How can I tweak this scene or redo the scene to get a more natural cloth response? Please see video link below to see what I mean about the distortion
  7. Hi there, My name is Jordi Pages, recently I've been working on a collaboration with Echoic Audio (www.echoicaudio.com) and that is the result: Please check the movie here Any feedback is more than welcome Thanks for watching!
  8. Hi, So I am attempting to simulate clothes tumbling around in a washing machine. I'm having the usual trouble with cloth, whereby it intersects itself like crazy, even with self collision on. I've upped the sub sampling and iterations but it is still all over the place. Any advice for C4D cloth dynamics? Even if it is 'don't bother'. I've never been able to get any satisfying results with the cloth engine. Any thoughts welcome. Marnie.
  9. Hey Everyone, To save me from retyping another post, please see my post at C4Dcafe below for my problem. Getting this banner animation to happen is driving me crazy!! Someone help!!! post link There is a link to the project file in there as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I've tried belting the banner to an object and flying it in and using pose morph to try and get the banner to stop waving, but no dice. I also tried lennart's point cache technique as well with no success. I know there's got to be a way to do this! thanks mographers! Ryan
  10. Hi!, I'm trying to do something like the flags in this vídeo: But... I don't know how can I do this. I've tried with contstraints, ik splines, cloth belt... I'm desperate!. Please, can anybody help me?, I just need a cloth with this falling effect, with fringe. Cheers!
  11. Hi seniors~ I have a problem attaching the cloth to the dynamic robe, pls download the scene from here and is there anyway to make the robe stretchable? thanks! SEQ
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