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Found 3 results

  1. Hi fellow mographers, Just wondering if anyone has some insight or advice on a Octane hardware solution, preferably Mac based so as to keep my setup on all the same os. Octane GPU rendering will be perfect for some of my personal projects, so this is going to be a home setup. I currently have a 27" iMac to use as the monitor and my budget is between £1k ~ £2k so I've been thinking about getting a used Mac Pro from ebay, perhaps a 6 core - then sticking a decent GPU card in it, or two semi good ones. Has anyone got any experience on such a set up? I've been doing some googling, and as I'm someone who is not familiar with building PC's etc I'm totally confused by this talk of 'flashing' a GPU card etc. So some of the technical details I've read so far have been a bit off putting for someone who just wants to plug stuff in and get going. From what I've researched so far it would seem I could put a Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 inside and then use a separate power supply to power that. Am I on the right tracks with that sort of research? Also - I see mention of Octane Cloud rendering, but apart from a mention on Octanes blog I don't see any further news/info. If that's an option I'd consider it too. If anyone has some insights, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Here's an interview series at SXSW including people from: Vimeo, Adobe, Maxon, Blackmagic Design and many more (uploading daily). Watch them here. http://www.sxsw.wipster.io
  3. Hey guys, i'm in a startup which is releasing a new product called WIP. WIP is a beautifully simple video workflow platform that allows comments to be made directly on your work-in-progress videos. This can work really well here on Mograph when you want to share some work-in-progress. You can get free access as of today! : www.wipvideos.com Have a look. We see it as a replacement for Vimeo and Dropbox for the review section of video making. We have released the basic Alpha version, we're currently working on the Beta which will be released in a couple of months.
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