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Found 5 results

  1. I'd like to share one of my recent projects with you guys: http://vimeo.com/63333916 It's an animated short to promote an upcoming social networking app. Illustrations were made by the award winning 105 Pariis. Enjoy!
  2. Hey Guys, Thought I'd share up on here my latest reel for 2012, feel free to let me know what you think: https://vimeo.com/39984368 Best, - Kyle
  3. Hello fellow mographers. I'm curious if any of you have submitted work to Zooppa? It's basically a site for large-scale corporations to put on design contests. What are your thoughts on this model? Any experiences?
  4. This is a self-initiated spec spot for the burgeoning Canadian distillery, Maverick (maverickdistillery.com/​), who create the insanely great TAG Vodka. It was made as a side project, directing, shooting, editing, animating and compositing it entirely on my own. This was shot on location in High Park, Toronto, Canada, all on a Canon D70 DSLR during one rainy afternoon. http://vimeo.com/30523639 TAG (tagvodka.com) Sound Design: Robert E. Garfinkle Music: Hannah's Theme, by the Chemical Brothers (buy it here: amzn.to/​nS2uWT) My Portfolio (julianvanmil.com) Description In a lush northern Ontario forest, it's about to rain. A flash of lightning illuminates a curious fish in a babbling-brook. The fish has a distinctive black-and-white colouring. For the first time, this 'little maverick' sees lightning above it, and is inspired to do something no fish has ever done. It leaps out of the water and begins its search for the unknown. Its flight through the forest underbrush leads it toward the sky and into the storm clouds where it discovers the product of its inspiration, TAG No.5 Vodka.
  5. Hey guys- This is my first actual reel. Wanted some harsh critique on it. I'm a director, editor, motion designer. Mostly working in the ad business and mostly directing. I do motion as a side hobby and learned it to make my spots look more polished. Hit me with your thoughts! Summer 2011 Reel Cheers!
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