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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I've got a question about compression software for video. I wanted to ask what is recommended as a video compressor these days. I use Quicktime Pro's built in feature for making x.264 videos, but find it slow and not always that great at handling gradients, even with grain applied before hand. I have recently started using Adobe Media Encoder, and feel that it has the best options and results thus far. I know there are options out there that cost lots of money, but wanted to see what the mass majority use. Thanks! Steve
  2. Head over to my blog to check out the link to the new x.264 quicktime export codec. Its pretty nice. Fixes the washed out color problem that occurs with the h.264 codec. You can check a comparison on my blog. http://kevingabriel2...ad-win-mac.html There is a sweet new PC version for the Super v.2010 build.52. Much more stable and way less crashes. For the PC version, head to the bottom of the download page and find the link to download. Follow the instruction and ENJOY. A good tip is to make all the setting changes to the GUI and close the program. When you reopen the program all the changes will be there and it will be a breeze to render your files. Otherwise I have found that when you change settings and process a render you tend to get crashes.
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