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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, I have an annoying issue with trap code particular. I'm relatively new to it but anyway, here goes I have an E3D comp with a very narrow DOF, the objects are right up in front of the camera and I want to rack the focus from further out > in. Whenever the focus distance get's low (where I want it, macro so to speak) , the particles (dust) disappear. I've tried near and far clipping but nothing changes. Here you can see that the particles are visible at 233 pixels, but that focus distance is passed my e3d objects Here you can see that the focus distance is where I want it, but the particles are completely invisible. I've tried playing with the Z position of the emitter, the Z radius too but nothing seems to work. I want some particles out of focus and some in focus Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone, I was looking at doing some textured iris bokeh looks. I remember there used to be a website with a pretty extensive library of iris textures. I no longer can find it in my bookmarks. Those textures look like the first image on this page - http://www.frischluft.com/gallery/lenscare_item.php?k=1 Can anyone point me to some sort of a resource? I tried googling but all my queries come back with links to wallpaper and photography sites... Thanks.
  3. I've tried using the depth of field settings available in the C4D hair render. (Render/Raster Post) It does create a depth matte which can be used in After Effects but I keep finding the results are kinda glitchy and unsatisfying. Anyone mastered this or is it just matter of having really thick hairs?!
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