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Found 6 results

  1. So do any of you know of some site/app like vimeo, behance, etc. that allows you to share WIPs with other designers to get feedback without violating NDAs or a lot of hassle? (and yes I know even doing that may violate some NDAs, but at least it is better than posting it up here or somewhere semi-public). I know a lot of us work alone on freelance, etc. that could really use another set of eyes on something before it goes out to the client. There's always email I guess, but I'm looking for something quick and easy to post to, in order to get feedback from a select few designers when they have time to check it out. I haven't dug too deep into the latest vimeo/behance/linked in app features lately, but I was just curious what may be out there that people are actually using..
  2. Hi, I've recently come back to After Effects after a long time away, and put together a showreel. If anybody has any constructive feedback on it, whether it's the quality of the work, the edit or anything else. I'd appreciate it. Cheers, Mark http://vimeo.com/102270283
  3. Hello, I've been working at a studio for just under two years now (entered with near 0 experience.) Recently I've been teaching myself 3d but hadn't done enough pieces that I'm proud of enough to put into the reel. The ones that I have done since putting this together (there's just one if I'm honest) I'm saving for next year's reel. I was hoping to get some feedback / critique and general ideas and comments from you guys.
  4. Hi all. I have my premonitions about certain spots in my reel, but I would love to hear what you all think. Feel free to be verbose, blunt, etc.; it all helps. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I'm a 23 yr old recent graphic design graduate from North Carolina. So basically, I have a new reel, and I'm going to start sending it out to as many studios as possible starting tomorrow morning. The only projects in my reel are side-projects from a few freelance gigs and personal stuff I got over the past year, as I've only really started to get serious about motion design in the past year and a half at most. I know that given enough time I can rock at this stuff, as I believe I have lots of potential, and come from a liberal arts design background where we learn all about color theory, composition, concept-based design, etc. I think knowing this, a studio would see me as a potential asset. I know I can apply all that stuff to the work I do, and grow further. However, what I want to know is, basically, can the reel I have now land me a job to reach that goal? You can view my reel here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/d34spj9 (I'd embed it, but I'm a noob and can't figure out how to do it.) Also, I'm compiling a big list of studios to email tomorrow morning. What would your tips for that be? Should I always attach a cover letter? Or do studios just want to see the reel? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello! Looking for feedback on a reel of mine I'm in the process of updating: http://joelmertz.net/video_0.php What do you guys like the most and what needs to go? I'm trying to cut this in half. Thanks!
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