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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sure some or a lot of you have come across the work of Fraser Davidson, it seems that every single piece of his has such incredible fluidity and really nice use of color. His latest piece, took apparently 2 weeks to complete - I find this hard to believe, but its extremely inspirational nonetheless. I find it takes me forever to do any character animation in AE, let alone anything nearly as technical as this: I have a couple of questions for discussion if you're interested, some things in this piece sparked my curiosity. + Simple one I'm sure, but how does he always have such a good lens flare? And how does the flare react to the camera's position? (is it VC's optical flares plugin? I've never used it so not sure if it's that) + How to achieve such awesome use of textures? What kind of textures are giving it such a great look? Do you think they're track matted to each of the characters? At times it looks like it's just an adjustment layer but other times it seems like theres loads of texture layers. +The camera fly-in at 00:36, I'm assuming there's a warp adjustment layer (like fish-eye or so) or is it key framing the camera's lens? Looks very well executed imo Cheers!
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