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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all Having read some comments from another thread I was inspired to post this because I've always wondered the base line differences between going between professional to consumer kit, at the high end ... Benchmarks are apparently similar with some cards - but I guess it's how the software we use handles it and what it's actually used for on a practical level...and does the software respond better to the professional cards than say a high spec'd consumer one...? The difference between AFX and C4D on how they use the graphics card, in every sense....does this information exist? I have a GTX 590 as it happens - on my xw8600 (2x xeon quad 2.83ghz) - C4D performance is spectacular in the viewport - not a problem with most things....processor heavy things, dynamics etc - can be a problem as with everyone. But I'm not sure it's use goes beyond that? I can post the graphics card specs that C4D generates in the Preferences if it's of any interest. On the less design-y side of things - do you know if the Quadros ever get driver updates for things like Direct X? PhysX? Has anyone played a modern game on a Quadro? hehe Is Quadro basically a fancy name to get more money from people, and make them feel less prosumer?? I'd love to know!
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