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Found 9 results

  1. I recently used C4D's hair system for a building projection (Norwich castle, UK) and I figured not enough people use what is one of Cinema's strongest tools. So, time for a video I think.
  2. Hello guys, I need to do a hair replacement of a person. I thought of doing it in cinema 4D. A few months / years ago there was a hair replacement cinemagraph tutorial in cinema 4D. The model was blond and if I'm not mistaken the background was white. I am looking for that tutorial, does anyone remember of that tutorial? If you don't know what I'm speaking about, can you guys link me to a nice hair replacement tutorial in Cinema 4D? Cheers
  3. I'm having trouble rendering hairs in a scene. I started with Feather objects for a bird in a project I'm creating. They weren't behaving well with the symmetry object I was using, so I converted them into Hair objects, which worked much better...In the viewport. They won't show up on render, and I can't figure out why. I recreated the same hierarchy setup in a much simpler, (but similar) scene, and they rendered fine. I can't figure out the difference between the two scenes that's causing the hairs not to render. I've included a (somewhat) stripped down version of the scene I'm trying to create. I realize the viewport is a little sluggish, as there's a lot going on it. If the feathers are not where they should be, turning off all parametric objects and turning back on snaps them into place pretty well. I also have been leaving it on frame 20, as there is animation before that kind of makes it hard to see what's going on. (I'm hoping it's not the animation that's causing the issue) I've also included the simple version of the scene where it DOES work, in the hopes that somebody smarter and/or wiser can see the difference I'm missing to make my final project work. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cbj4d9sk62k9tbp/AACKKmAUvCFw8v-O0wXCZ1hoa?dl=0 Thanks! Edit: In the render settings, you might see that I had the Hair selections set to Include, but that is not the source of the problem, even though it SHOULD be set to Exclude. That was just part of my troubleshootings.
  4. Hi there, The first image shows a foot pressing into cloned polygon strips using the collision deformer. It's working fine, but because of the amount of polygons needed to get the detail in the foot shape it is making moving round the scene really slow. I know I can use a flat plane and an image on it and deform that, but I need this to be made of splines because of the way the animation progresses... I was wondering if this could be done using splines and hair as the render rather than using polygons. I've tried cloning a load of splines with hair material on them but the spline dynamics and hair collider tag only work with an individual splines it seems.... I've tried the hair object and attached hairs to strips but I need the hairs to be anchored at both ends. Is this possible? I'm not massively familiar with the hair system to be honest. The 2 drawings show what needs to happen after the deformation. The white lines need to wrap round the foot completely and up the leg... so this requires more than a footprint... I know that some trickery can be used here - such as the splines for the leg form out of know where... thats fine but the foot will need more thought. I was thinking of morphing from an initial spline state through a few intermediate states to the final foot shape using the pose morph tag. However because of the amount of splines needed this is going to be a really tough task! Any suggestions on an alternative solutions to this? Cheers, Luke
  5. Hey Guys, I just setup a small render farm (3-5 computers) and I'm trying to render out a scene with Hair. I can render the scene out on my base computer and the hair shows up, but when I render the scene on net renderer it doesn't render. I've done a google search and haven't been able to find any answers. I'm using R14 and the Standard Renderer. The Hair Render effect is on in my render settings. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Find a comfortable seat because this is going to be a long one, but I cover a lot of material here that you should find useful. Not only does this episode cover Thinking Particles to create the spark coming off of the ball being dragged, but I take you through how to completely rig a car with dynamics. Also I will show you how to create a dynamic spline that will be attached to that dynamic car as well as how to rig the dynamic metal ball to follow that spline. Confusing? Complicated? Follow along and I will take you through each step in the process! As I mention in the video there are several things that have to be tweaked and adjusted to get the result you may be after, so once you get the rig built play with it and hit render! I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you have any suggestions for future episodes then just drop me line! Link to the video : www.vimeo.com/52010356 Don't forget to follow me on: Twitter - twitter.com/FootprintVideo or on Facebook - facebook.com/FootprintProductions. Also, be sure to check out the new Blog and Tutorials section of my website at footprint-productions.com/blog or footprint-productions.com/tutorials for more cool stuff! If you like this series I wouldn't be sad if you left a tip in the tip jar to buy me a beer
  7. I've tried using the depth of field settings available in the C4D hair render. (Render/Raster Post) It does create a depth matte which can be used in After Effects but I keep finding the results are kinda glitchy and unsatisfying. Anyone mastered this or is it just matter of having really thick hairs?!
  8. Hi!, I'm trying to do something like the flags in this vídeo: But... I don't know how can I do this. I've tried with contstraints, ik splines, cloth belt... I'm desperate!. Please, can anybody help me?, I just need a cloth with this falling effect, with fringe. Cheers!
  9. Hey guys! Been awhile since i've been on the boards, but I have another problem that's stumping me. I've always gotten good answers before, and would love some help. I'm trying to create a field of wheat, with a simple crane camera move. I'm using C4D's Hair engine, hoping to get some good slow wind movement. There's a few issues I'm having... I'm not sure how to create the stalks of wheat. Ideally, it'd all be a hair/feather (possibly both?) material so there would not be too many polygons in the field. Otherwise, I'd just model one stalk and use Mograph to clone it, but then I'd lose the soft wind dynamics you get with the Hair engine... Is there a way to have tall stalks of wheat using Hair, and attach a Feather object on the tip to look like the grain? That'd be great... Just not sure how to do that. Also, does anyone have any idea how to get grass/wheat dynamics to look natural? All my attempts have the stalks all appearing entirely too stiff, or way too loose and flopping all over the place. How do you have that natural, loose yet firm look to the hair so it isn't bouncing around? What parameters to you mess with? I've been messing with the Rest mix/Rest hold values, but can't find anything I like. This is my first foray into Hair, so maybe I'm just not sure what to look for... Any words of advice would be amazing. I'm sure this isn't that uncommon of a request, but I cant find that much online on it... Again, any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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