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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Can anyone offer advise on a good matte painting setup in After Effects? I am trying to do something similar to a matte painting setup in Nuke (projecting matte painting layers onto spheres that encompass the scene). I would normally do this type of thing in Nuke, but the studio I'm at for this gig only has AE, so I'm stuck. I would like to avoid using large flat solids in the background because the camera shows a very wide field of view for many shots and that can get messy pretty quick, so a true spherical solution, such as Horizon would be ideal. In fact, I've tried setting this up in Horizon, but couldn't figure out a way to get multiple layers at different distances from the camera - seems like you're stuck with one flat image at an arbitrary distance in space. Another thought that occurred to me was to use something like Element 3D and bring in some spheres textured with my matte painting layers, but I have no experience with Element, so I wasn't sure if this would be a good solution. Any thoughts or ideas you guys can share would be an enormous help. Thanks in advance!
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