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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys. Just a quick question on how you would answer this. I've just relocated to Australia and I keep getting asked what my rates are in this format. It may be a standard freelance format but I am new to it. I am not asking how much I should charge I am asking what format I put it in. So say for Example I charge $50ph so for a 8 hour day I would get paid $400 per day... so if I multiple that by say 20 days in a given month I get $8000. This is just an example. I don't make 8k a month, but I am open to offers Cheers Liam
  2. Hi Everyone I need some advice, I'm up for an editor position at a small produciton company in Los Angeles. They do end to end commercial production for some pretty big lifestyle brands, lots of commerials, some sizzles, web and event coverage with budgets around $80,00 to $450,000. I have been freelance the last three years and they are seeking a fulltime editor. They want someone good (not assistant level) and they pretty much offereed me the job ( I have 5+ yrs experience, expert at FCP AE, and C4d, previous lead and post-sup experience), They want to talk salary and after freelancing for so long and having such wide flucuations in my yearly net, I'm a little lost on what is the going fulltime post salary. IMO multiplying your daily or hourly rate by days or estimated fulltime hours is not going to be accurate. What's the typical salary range at a place like this in Los Angeles? My assumption is the low end at similar places with my skills is $75,000, is that way off? Any adive is appreciated!... Thanks
  3. Hello fellow mographers. I'm curious if any of you have submitted work to Zooppa? It's basically a site for large-scale corporations to put on design contests. What are your thoughts on this model? Any experiences?
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