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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, Is there a good reason why Physical occludes hair? We're rendering a massive job across 4 computers, and we're at the end of the gig and will probably need to farm it out. One 300-frame render is going to take 72 hours after the big switch to Physical (Frischluft wasn't up to snuff IMO). We have a cylinder spline wrapped around a dynamic spline, oh it floats in the wind so niiiiice....then to make the string extra twine-like we have Fur to do the stray strands and hairs coming off the geometry. So far, so stringy. With the need for accurate lens blur, and our depth matte > Frischluft pipeline made obsolete by the fact that neither of us can make FL Depth of Field do anything like a decent camera blur, we switched over to Physical for the lovely in-camera z-blur. Oh, how the render times soared! Last night's render queue is likely to be Tuesday morning's review. Big fun. Much as turning off the Hair Render checkbox has saved a lot of pre-caching time, it's a shame to see those string whiskers go. I was proud of them. If you add the standard Hair Material to say, a plain cube, and apple+R, you'll see a hairy cube. If you switch on Physical, you'll have one hair per vertex. Why this occlusion? I know that the hair is an 8-bit post process, but yet it doesn't make too much sense to allow the option. Are there other Hair options I am missing? The moment you turn on Physical, the Hair Render section is missing most of its options. Thank you lovely peeps. Back to work. It's 30 degrees outside. I could be lying in the long grass with a Pimm's, but no, somebody insisted we use Physical...
  2. I'm using C4D R13, and am just starting out with this great world of 3D. I'm quickly running into a problem. Here's the is screenshot: http://cl.ly/2B3i2B3f0r432f0o1l3N I can't figure out out to just get the iPhone as the only object on the alpha channel, while keeping the floor reflections, so I can put text behind the phone. I'm working in After Effects to composite. In the picture you can see that It's exporting the floor as well. How can i export the iPhone object as the only object on the alpha channel but retain the floor and reflections?
  3. "99frames" - The Social Animation Project The 99frames project is designed to encourage people to try out the new CINEMA 4D R13 features. Since CINEMA 4D R13 is such a huge upgrade in terms of rendering, character animation and workflow, it’s almost a must in my opinion to get this project started. I really do invite everybody to this very first neosushi68 project, no matter which skill level you have. It simply doesn’t matter. It’s about having fun, learning and sharing your work with the world. To join the fun and find out more about this project, please visit: http://neosushi68.tumblr.com
  4. Just to let you guys know, DeGamma 0.37 & Storm Tracer 1.38.10 Are now available for Third Party Plugins customers. More information about Storm Tracer can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/stormtracer More information about DeGamma can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma This update is purely for R13 and should be used by anyone with Cinema 4D R13 as it also fixes several outstanding bugs. In order to update your license please follow the full instructions given here on the Third Party Forums : http://forum.thirdpartyplugins.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3 Enjoy! Per-Anders Edwards
  5. http://www.maxon.net/en/news/singleview-default/article/maxon-unveils-cinema-4d-release-13.html
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