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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody, I’m looking for some advice on a new mac purchase. I need a mac primarily for design, editing and 2D/3D motion graphics but also everyday use. I also need a monitor as I’ve been using a MBP retina up to now. So I’m thinking of getting the following: imac retina 4.0GHz Quad Core i7 (turbo boost up to 4.4Ghz) 32GB ram with AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB GDDR5 Which will be fine for most tasks (I’ll keep my laptop for team render) but no Nvidia = no CUDA. I have a big shopping list of things I’m continuing to learn but pretty soon I’m going to want to try GPU rendering, almost certainly using Octane as it seems to have the biggest take-up of any GPU based renderer. I know I probably should get a PC at this stage, but I’m kicking and screaming against it for many reasons which I won’t detail here. My question is once I reach that point and assuming Open CL take up is still some time away will I be able to connect an external chassis, power unit and a 2-3 Nvidia/cuda cards, connected to my iMac retina over Thunderbolt 2? At this point my limited understanding melts my puny brain. I have all kinds of concerns about cooling/blowing up expensive graphics cards and I have no idea if this is even possible over Thunderbolt 2. Maybe the data will be too much to handle through a single thunderbolt connection. Will the iMac recognise the cards connected in this way, will Octane be as responsive as if it was connected over PCI? etc etc… I’m sure a lot of freelancers/small studios are also pondering the future of GPU rendering using macs so any help is really appreciated before I waste my dollars on a grand plan that won’t pan out. Like I said, I know a Windows PC makes the most sense but I’m looking for a mac only solution. Many thanks! Oliver
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