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Found 10 results

  1. This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. This work, by JM Marbach, actually makes you feel something / it pulls you along, not just eye-candy. Hell it made me smile which is not the typical reaction to a nice mograph piece. Really impressive and inspirational stuff for anyone (IMHO) who forgets why they got into mograph (presumably to make cool art). Enjoy. https://www.jm-marbach.net/videos/tennyson
  2. Hello! This is a music video for Swedish techno veteran Johan Afterglow. Trapcode Particular bonanza. It looks and sounds, well, like a techno video.
  3. This is a short metaphorical tale about life’s ups and downs. https://vimeo.com/92242882
  4. Hi, here is my new demoreel. the software used are AE CS6, 3D Max and Premiere CS6. Plugin used is Trapcode, and some free scripts downloaded online. Here is the link: http://vimeo.com/72957519 Any feedback would be much appreciated (constructive one please).
  5. Hello , any suggestion of how to achieve this light stroke effect with trapcode? cheers http://postimg.org/image/9qc8y9oxl/
  6. This is a music video I did with a couple friends a few years ago. I directed, animated/composited everything. Enjoy!
  7. Hey guys! First of all, this is my first post! So hello to everyone My name is Raynor de Groot, I'm a dutch graphic designer and filmmaker. I'm working on a motion graphic at the moment and I'm kinda stuck. Here's the problem: The problem is illustrated with some images that state the problem more clear than I could do in words. In short: I want to build up different images (using the same animation) from particles which are emitted from the center and are perfectly aligning. Particles need to be the same size. The problem is, I don't know how to animate the underlying animation. One thing to note is that the particles need to have different intensities of the colors stated above (red/blue/green/yellow/brown) I hope you guys can help me out! Thanks, Bismarck
  8. Thank you very much for watching! Greetings from Frankfurt,
  9. Hello everyone, I am using TrapCode Particular's "Z Offset" function to scale my animation to 200% of the original size. My problem is that "Z Offset" does not operate in terms of percentages. You must input a value from -1000 to +1000. My question is: What value would be equal to 200%? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
  10. 1st meeting for 2012 is a good one. As always the meetings are free to attend and the crazy raffle is always free as well. http://aeny.org/2012/01/january-2012-meeting/ When -645-9pm Where- PS 41 116 West 11th St., New York, NY 10011-8306 Peder Norrby TRAPCODE FOUNDER Dude! We don’t know what he’s talking about just yet, but frankly, we’d listen to the creator of Trapcode Particular read a phone book. Whatever he talks about, we’re sure it will be inspiring and mind blowing. Lloyd Alvarez AESCRIPTS.COM Lloyd Alvarez, who is the founder of AEscripts.com, will be coming to show some cool stuff to help us work faster and better in AE.
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