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Found 32 results

  1. Hey Everyone, We've just released our sixth and final volume of archived NAB 2016 presentations. Thank you to all of our amazing presenters who came out this year to NAB! This batch includes talks by Athanasios Pozantzis (aka noseman), Chris Schmidt of Greyscalegorilla, as well as Graham Johnson and Thomas Brown of Vessel Studios. Re-topology, Modelling & the Perfect Planet Earth with Athanasios Pozantzis Deep Dive into UV Texturing and Anisotropic Metals with Chris Schmidt Cellular Cinema 4D with Thomas Brown Advanced Scientific Visualization with C4D with Graham Johnson We also released the fifth volume of archived NAB 2016 presentations earlier this week. This batch includes talks by Joshua Michie of Apiary, David Ariew, Robert Wighting and Pixar. Designing for VR with Cinema 4D with Joshua Michie One-Man VFX Workflow - Holistic & Harry Star Potter with David Ariew NVidia Iray and C4D for Architecture with Robert Wighting Renderman for Cinema 4D with Pixar Watch all NAB Presentations: NAB 2016 Rewind
  2. Dive into Octane 3's environments such as Fog, Smoke, & Fire. Learn about voxels and VDB files and see what they can do. In this tutorial you also get a look at how Brograph's new Luminous plugin will work with Octane 3.
  3. Hey Everyone, We've just released a batch of tutorials showing how Adobe AE users can add 3D to their work using Cinema 4D Lite (included in After Effects CC). This is the first of two batches of free guide videos by Athanasios Pozantzis, aka Noseman, is proving how easy it is for AE users to add a new dimension to their comps. The first batch includes: • Launching C4D Lite • The C4D Lite interface • Adding 3D Objects • Move Scale Rotate Objects • Adding Preset Materials to Objects • Adding Color Or Photos to Objects • Finding & Adding Downloaded Models • Viewing into a 3D World • Changing Pivot Points - Anchor Point • Hierarchy - Grouping • Animating Objects in Space • Animating a Camera Push In-Pull Out • Procedural Spline Paths • Animating Objects Along Paths • The road to 3D mastery is a click away Check it out: Cinema 4D Lite Reference The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com Note: We will be releasing the second half of the series March 30th, 2016.
  4. A few things to keep in mind when navigating the viewport. Especially if you're new to Cinema4D. Use these settings and shortcuts to navigate much easier and save the headaches.
  5. Hey Everyone, We just posted a new tutorial by Joseph Herman that shows how to use the Sound Effector together with Dynamics, Xpresso and Thinking Particles to generate motion (and other effects) through the use of external audio files. Learn how to: • Use the Sound Effector on a Cloner and Fracture Object • Examine different ways to use Xpresso with the Sound Effector for other creative possibilities • Use Dynamics to simulate real-world interactions between physical objects • Use the Sound Effector in conjunction with Thinking Particles Check it out: Glank: Sound Effector in Practice The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com This series is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members.
  6. Nice brazilian site about CG, VFX and Motion Graphics. Also some great tutorials in portuguese! www.tutorama.com.br
  7. Hey Everyone, We've published a new series by Vic Garcia showing how to use Cinema 4D's Hair dynamics to animate toothbrush bristles as they brush teeth. Watch and you'll learn how to: • Use the Cloner Object and CV-Boole Tools to create the bristle growth areas on the toothbrush • Quickly create a UV map for the bristle growth area in UV Edit • Easily create a color map for the bristles in Bodypaint 3D • Stylize the toothbrush bristles with the Hair Tools • Save time by using Dynamic Interaction Tool to quickly adjust hair parameters • Import set of teeth and add Hair Collision Tag for bristle interaction • Use Cappuccino to animate the toothbrush using Mouse Motion Capture This tutorial is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members Check it out: Modeling and Animating Toothbrush Bristles The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  8. Hi guys i'm looking to do a 2d 3d looking face in after effects. Did you guys have a tutorial or a place to learn how to. I want to do the rig of the facials expressions. Thank you so much. I Can buy a tuts if needed! Carlito
  9. Learn how to build a nice looking barrel. Then, if you have Octane or would like to learn more about it, follow along as we texture it using the Octane Render engine and Octane Textures.
  10. Hey Everyone, Earlier this week MAXON and Allegorithmic announced that Cinema 4D now has native support for Allegorithmic's Substance Technology. On that same day we released a series by Athanasios Pozantzis that covers everything you need to know to get started with this powerful integration. Watch and learn how to: · Use Substances in C4D · Customize the attributes of Substance · Use Substances in Mograph, deformers, and animation · Create several basic Substances and utilize them within Cinema 4D · Bake normals in Cinema 4D, and use those normals to generate a grunge shader dynamically Check it out here: Substance Designer for Cinema 4D ALSO We've posted the highly-anticipated second batch of archived NAB 2015 Cinema 4D presentations. Theme: Simulation. Watch: • Creating Complex Animation with X-Particles by Casey Hupke • A Virtual Apocalypse with C4D, Part 1 and Part 2 by Athanassios Pozantzis • Advanced Soft Body Dynamics Techniques by Chris Schmidt We'll release more archived presentations next week - so stay tuned for more. You can check them out as they get posted at: NAB 2015 Rewinds The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com PS: Team Render was upgraded for Cinema 4D R16.050. Check out the improvements.
  11. Hey Everyone, This week we posted 8 archived NAB 2015 Cinema 4D presentations by top artists. We organized the videos into 3 themed playlists: Scientific and Medical Animation Discover how to build stunning recreations of worlds invisible to the naked eye. · X-Particles for Micro Medical Animation with Joel Dubin · Medical Storytelling: The Art of Cellular 3D Animation with Nucleus Medical Media, Inc. · Watch all Scientific and Medical Animation Rewinds Python Scripting See how you can use the Cinema 4D Python SDK to create beautiful generative art. · Automating Complex Workflows with Python with Mike Senften · Python Coding for Motion Design with Colin Sebestyen · Watch all Python Scripting Rewinds Projection Mapping Get an overview on how to do projection mapping in a variety of scenarios. · Animating Projections on Massive Structures with C4D with Alan Demafiles · Hollywood Filmic Design Techniques with C4D and Octane with Steven Messing · Project Breakdown of Titles for Microsoft's Modern Workplace with Michael Rosen, Director - Samplistic Media · Projection Mapping and the C4D/NUKE Pipeline with Craig Whitaker · Watch all Projection Mapping Rewinds We'll release several more batches of tutorials over the coming weeks - so stay tuned for more Check them out as they get posted at: NAB 2015 Rewinds The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  12. Hey Everyone, We just posted a 21-min video by Sean Frangella on how to use Cinema 4D to create motion graphic transitions - like those seen on TV between shots. Along the way, you'll learn a host of techniques for MoGraph, texturing and more. Check it out: Hexagon Logo Reveal This series is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members. Also, if you're a Cinema 4D user with an active MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) and you're not yet a Cineversity Premium member -- what are you waiting for? No matter where you live, contact your local MAXON distributor for your complimentary premium access coupon The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  13. Everything you need to know to take an HDRI photo, unwrap it in Nuke, and use it for reflections and lighting in Cinema 4D. So excited about our first Nuke tut. Not for the absolute Nuke beginner, but even if you don't know Nuke you can learn a lot about how it all works.
  14. Hey Everyone, We just posted a new tutorial by Jamie Hamel-Smith that shows how you can model a propane tank using Cinema 4D's polygonal modeling tools, generators, deformers and more. Learn how to: • Set up modeling reference materials • Quickly create the bulk of the tank using the Lathe Object • Add details using a wide range modeling tools in concert including: Loft, Bevel, Extrude, Weld, Spline Wrap, Connect, and Booles. This series is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members. Check it out: Modeling a Propane Tank The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  15. Mograph, I am beyond excited to announce that I will be launching a relaunch campaign for my site, School of Motion, called "30 Days of After Effects." The campaign is being sponsored by my dear friends at the Department of Motion Design at the Ringling College of Art & Design. I know alot of you are pretty damn knowledgable about After Effects already. Some of the videos will be geared towards beginner to intermediate users, but some will go waaaaaaay down the rabbit hole and try to show some pretty fancy ways of animating. For example: MIDI-Triggered Animation in After Effects (preview) You can check out the site for some more details and previews. The videos will be released one-a-day every Monday-Friday for 6 weeks starting August 4th. This message board has been so instrumental in my mograph career (as I know it has for many of you guys) and I hope there's some interesting knowledge you can gain from 1-2 of these videos. School of Motion Thanks everyone! joey
  16. Hey Everyone, We've just released Bret Bays' powerful new Rig-it scripts - making several repetitive tasks you face when rigging a character much less tedious. What's included: · Color scripts that make it easy to assign colors distinguishing left and right sides of the rig, as well as centerline controllers or joints. · Split joint scripts that quickly split joints evenly to any number you choose. · SetupFK script that automatically creates forward kinematic controllers for selected joints. · Create Custom Controllers script that provides a way to quickly and easily create a controller out of any polygonal object. These scripts are available exclusively for Premium Cineversity members. Check it out: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/rig-it_scripts1 The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  17. Hi Everyone, We just released a new tutorial series by Patrick Goski about how to use CINEMA 4D's Camera Crane Tag to quickly create the sort of sweeping camera moves you would get if you were using a real rig. The series covers ways to add the Camera Crane to your scene, the attributes that are used to control the crane, some practical examples, and more. Check it out: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/camera_crane This series is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members. The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  18. Hey Everyone, We've got a free new 17-part video series on how you can leverage the power of Cineware and CINEMA 4D Lite in production. These step-by-step tutorials show how to use the Live 3D pipeline between Adobe Creative Cloud and CINEMA 4D to quickly create a set extension, digital matte and motion graphics element - using footage from the Danny Way documentary Waiting for Lightning. Check it out: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cineware_and_cinema_4d_lite_in_production_swordfish The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com Disclaimer: Although this tutorial and many others on Cineversity are free gifts to the community, some require premium membership to view.
  19. An easy one, but a great started project if you've never used them before. We create a pattern to use as a gobo in Cinema 4D to project onto objects using a light. http://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=xoo_vV1uSIg
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