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Found 21 results

  1. Hi we are Drop & Render an innovated render farm services that provides many daily customers to get there work done on time. We released our new C4D render farm plugin. This plugin lets you render super fast and places all files directly on your harddrive, on any location you like! It has a scene check option to make sure everything is going smoothly.. It's supports many of your favourite plugins en render engines. For the full list check out the website. We are looking for beta testers, you get €10,- euro to start and we help you with any problems. You can start bij creating a free account on the website. Give it a try and let us know what you think! your option is imported to us! http://www.dropandrender.com
  2. Today we released our new Promo, let us know if you like it! Drop & Render is a Dutch render farm with tools that will change your everyday workflow. The C4D plugin makes rendering like its your own workstation. Download some scene file at the vimeo breakdown link, (clouds, low poly trees, coral and more) http://www.dropandrender.com PROMO BREAKDOWN
  3. If you want to learn the basics of VRay materials and how they work without doing endless reading, just follow along and quickly learn. It's everything we wish we knew when we started with VRay. Answers to all the initial questions we had about setting up materials. This will demystify the ins and outs, the settings, and the "how do I's."
  4. Hi, Here's a link to my new CG short created in Maya, Vray and AE. http://idnworld.com/onair/?id=BenIb-RIOT thanks Ben Ib
  5. Mograph, I posted an interview I did yesterday with the glorious Rich Nosworthy. I threw a bunch of super dorky Cinema 4D / VRay questions at him about his killer 99 Frames Trailer. Here's the interview: Rich Nosworthy Makes Awesome Robots There are a bunch of useful links in the show notes too. I hope you dig! -joey
  6. The 2015 update is my first since going freelance. Tried to keep it to mostly new stuff, short, and only show the kind of work I want to do. Also included a site facelift (still in progress). As always, feedback encouraged and appreciated.
  7. Mentor

    Vray + DR

    Hi, I connected my Macbook pro to my Mac pro with an ethernet cable to take advantage of Cinema4D Vray 1.9 distribute rendering and I'm having issues with empty/white buckets when I render using the standalone on my laptop. I know that all materials have to be vray, but I don't know what am I doing wrong. I was wondering if I need a desktop switch to improve speed connection. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I've got a bit of a problem in vray. I'm rendering a scene with a sphere that's got a advanced shader and a displacement material. I've set up my vray settings with GI + AO, colour mapping & environment. As well as my multipass settings. And my C4D render settings using the post-effects in my multipass settings and zblur. The problem is that when I render out my scene, my geometry disappears!!! I've been able to isolate the fact that if I delete my displacement tags the geometry renders out correctly (but then the geometry looks naff) And if I delete my post-effects/multipass in my C4D render settings it renders out correctly (but then I have no control in post) Is there anyway to achieve both in vray? Has anyone else had this problem? C4Dr14 + vray Cheers, Dane.
  9. Hey all - I put a new short on Vimeo, 'Pixellation'. It started off as a scene exploring the aesthetic of MeshFusion modelling, the 'booleans on steroids' plugin for Modo - which seems to give a really convincing sense of solidity and form, and markedly different from the sorts of results I usually get when poly-modelling. In the end it emerged as a metal, plastic & glass workout; a bit of self-promo fun with a twist in the tail. Modelled the main bits in Modo. Animated in C4D, rendered with VRAY. Comping in AfterEffects. Colour work used FreshCurves mainly, and a little bit of Looks (don't judge me!). UI was Nodes and Plexus, plus some mography text animation. Motion blur was rendered, dof was all Lenscare. Made heavy use of the Topology Vertex Maps plugin from Paul Everett - a great match for these sorts of models as the ploy count is high enough to make the maps hold up as if they were painted. High-res stills here: http://behance.net/gallery/18085181/Pixellation Love to hear any feedback about this, especially pacing, editing, narrative etc which are areas that I've been trying hard to work on. Cheers - C
  10. Hi, We are Morphika, a young motion design studio in Barcelona, and we are proud to announce our first project. It's a main titles piece for Fiu Barcelona ( http://fiubcn.com/ ). This event is created for push the new creative generations. The place where studens looking for inspirations and references may adress their concerns for the future, as well as a hub companies interested in the creative-hunting can discover the great creative talent. The concept behind this titles was a metaphor of breaking the egg, it's a metaphor of born and became something. Therefore, we can observe different eggs that have graphical propieties direclty related with the different students. We can see the conceptual, mecanical o artistical characteristics depending of each egg. Hope you like, Just take a look we love feedbacks! Cheers, https://vimeo.com/96469710
  11. Extreme beginner's guide to VRAY for C4D. For the super, super green.
  12. So, I'm beginning a scene here in C4D R14 for the wonderful new addition to this release - the "motion camera tag". Such a great tool. Super realistic handheld feel that I have been unable to perfect in earlier releases. My dilemma is that I want to use vray for texturing and rendering but I do not have vray for R14, I do have it for R13 though... So, I'm wondering, is there a way to bake the motion that the motion tag is creating on the camera into keyframes? Or is there some kind of way that I can get that camera motion back into R13?... If anyone has any experience with this please help! Tommy
  13. Hi fellas! here is the one of two summers id's that I made for AXN Spain ans Portugal ( Sony Pictures) done in Cinema 4d and vray. hope you like it !
  14. Hi, Please can anyone share a paper scene or shader with a similar setup to the below link: http://strictlypaper.com/blog/?s=yum I have tried searching for the tutorial which this appeared in ( digital arts issue 09 ) does anyone have a copy or know where I can locate it? Hope someone can help thanks Ben
  15. Hi, For some reason, the V-Ray Light tag in C4D R14 has the Sun Light section completely greyed out. For that reason I cannot turn the physical sun on. I have been everywhere as far as the resources are concerned and yes, checked the manual as well but cannot for the life of me figure out why. I hope it is such a minuscule and simple thing I cannot see that for the person who has the answer, I will look like a complete fool. But I shall accept my faith, do any of you brilliant guys out there know what I've been doing wrong? Kind regards. (p.s. just realised that I have posted this in the wrong section, now looking to figure out how to direct this to a new location, oh god..)
  16. Hey guys. I present my student thesis from Parsons: The New School of Design. Any critiques and comments are more than welcome. Thanks!
  17. Finally got a new reel posted yesterday! https://vimeo.com/64230428 Thanks for watching. Breakdown available: http://cargocollective.com/homemadecanoe/Reel-Breakdown -Scott
  18. Im just starting out getting into VRay. I've been trying it out for a couple days now. There seems to be a lot of good documentation on the web for learning how the software works, what options get results, etc. What I can't find are any practical guides or tutorials on compositing workflows. How to render out 3D objects for compositing into footage. I've managed to stumble through and get some results but they fall short of what I know the software can do. I'm just curious if anyone using VRay has come across some good resources that can speed up the learning process. Cheers!
  19. Hi there, I just wanted to ask, is VRAY really worth the price? I'm not saying I want it, I've only recently started doing motion graphics, and would not spend that much on something motion graphics related, yet. But, for the people who have regular work from motion graphics, is VRAY really worth the price? I'm just curious is all. Thanks for your replies in advance. Eoin
  20. Hi everybody! Please check out my recent project I made for AE templates.
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