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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Whats the deal with Windows 10? Anybody using it? Safe to upgrade for the usual suspects and associated plugins? (C4D, AE latest - plus trapcode, X-particles, Octane etc) Cheers!
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/privateequity/11562472/Adobe-eyes-200m-bid-for-British-visual-effects-firm-The-Foundry.html I bet MAXON loves this bit of news. I wonder how many of their licensed customers also have CC subscriptions. (hint: the answer rhymes with "rallroast rall of rem".) Modo... Mari.... Nuke... all of which can do certain things as well or better than C4D, added to your toolbox at probably at a very modest subscription increase, given the amount of capability being added. I would not be surprised if the cost remained well under $100/month for the whole suite (CC + Foundry apps), should the deal be approved. Can you imagine how many indie firms would sign on for that? Welp there's always Mograph and ease of use to to hang your hats on! I'm sure that advantage will last forever. Sleep well, MAXON.
  3. Here's an interview series at SXSW including people from: Vimeo, Adobe, Maxon, Blackmagic Design and many more (uploading daily). Watch them here. http://www.sxsw.wipster.io
  4. jeffbriant

    Mmmm Motion.

    Hey all, I've got a reel now.. and some other stuff. Maybe this will amuse some of you. I freelance, always looking. Bring it on, brutha. www.jeffbriant.com
  5. Before I begin, I'd like to add a disclamer- I've used Adobe products at companies for years with few licensing problems that I can remember. I work at a university, teaching design. A student purchased a CC license for home use but has had major issues getting the license to work. She's contacted Adobe a few times-one of which times was at uni while I watched her speak to online support. They said it would be resolved in 3 days. We're up to 3-4 weeks. I've personally written and tweeted to various Adobe accounts/addresses myself, including Todd K that posts on this very board. I have a lot of respect for Todd, because his posts all over the web (not just here) are very informative. That said, this is too long and we're trying to get Adobe to respond, with no solution in sight. Other students have purchased licenses and had it up and running in minutes. It seems sad to me that this person is getting punished for attempting to buy software legit. So, if you've had similar experiences how do you get them resolved?
  6. Hey guys. I'm just finished a nice little project for Staples here and wanted to see what you all thought. (Really pleased with the Magic Bullet Looks grade on it, and some of the wee animations neat the beginning. http://peedy.tv/staples-recycle-for-education-contest I'd really appreciate a Vimeo *like* as its in that 'made with after effects' competition that measures likes. So Staples, one of our clients, wanted to attract some attention to a contest they're running in Canada where they're giving away some computers to schools. There's an environmental aspect too... the winner needs to prove that their school recycles, turns off lights etc... the brief was for a kinetic type animation, but I ended up adding a few extra layers. More info here on the contest: Staples.ca/ENG/Static/static_pages.asp?pagename=soulrecyclefored {Submitted to the Made with After Effects competition, link to follow}
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