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Found 7 results

  1. Hey All, I am currently on a job that is trying to marry an "Old World" feel with a "Modern Aesthetic"– the client's words not mine. We had settled on an art nouveau direction for the "Old World" part of the art direction and are still trying to figure out the where "Modern Aesthetic" fits in. I have been thinking that maybe the modern feel will come across in the motion scheme if executed properly, but I would still like to find a way to incorporate it into the design. Does anyone have any good examples of motion pieces with an Art Nouveau direction that still feels like a piece that is telling the story from a modern perspective? Also, any suggestions on how to achieve that balance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Pete
  2. I would love to relocate to the area but have no experience of it. I'm not sure where to start looking for agencies/companies for design work... I've been working in a creative agency for the past 5 years in London as a graphics generalist - motion graphics, branding etc and now I'm looking for a fresh 'sunnier' challenge! If anyone has any advice or pointers I would really appreciate it ! Please check out my work.... dylanlategan.com
  3. hey everyone, I don't know why it's taken 6 months to post here, but I'm in a terrible rut and I need some help. Any feedback, leads, tips, advice, empathy, anecdotes, etc helps. A few months back I moved to NY from california, right after finishing school: studying motion graphics — quite successfully (deans list, valedictorian, etc.). And since then it has been somewhat of a nightmare trying to freelance and find bookings. A friend of mine has helped me (a ton!) find at least two or three bookings, which have all been very successful. But other than a few sparse lucky chances, it's been dry. Too dry. I don't know where to look, whom to e-mail, or how to get my foot in the door. So my question is, what piece am I missing here in finding work? I'm still super new, and obviously have a lot to learn and work to build up my portfolio, but I work really (really) hard and I have a great attitude. Those latter words don't have any weight, and I just don't know how to turn them into bookings, and portfolio pieces. It's super super stressful not having any work — seriously, the stress and anxiety have begun to take their toll — but I'm just not ready to quit. here's a link to my reel/portfolio site: http://hellopatches.com/SPRING-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEL thank you!!
  4. Currently I am staff at a company that has merged a number of times and has seen better days over the past few years. I am contemplating the idea of going freelance in order to hone my craft and ultimately have the chance to do better work within the realm of Motion Graphics / 3D. I have my own reservations about this though as I have been working with the same team for quite a while now. The only reason I can justify staying where I am at is that it is a steady job with good pay and the office relationships. Some questions for any New York City based freelancers: 1) Have any of you started staff somewhere and made the transition to a successful freelancer, and if so how did it shakeout with your employer at the time? 2) How did you market yourself in order to get booked on jobs at different shops? 3) What applications did you specialize in at the time, and did you change any of your skill sets once you made that jump to being a freelancer? As of right now I use AfterEffects and Cinema4D most days. Though I have been teaching myself XSI and have been using it on some home projects as well as some basic Nuke. In the long run I want to get more into commercials either on the 3d or Compositing side of things. Have a look at my site / reel: www.semifiction.tv Any input helps. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I'm a 23 yr old recent graphic design graduate from North Carolina. So basically, I have a new reel, and I'm going to start sending it out to as many studios as possible starting tomorrow morning. The only projects in my reel are side-projects from a few freelance gigs and personal stuff I got over the past year, as I've only really started to get serious about motion design in the past year and a half at most. I know that given enough time I can rock at this stuff, as I believe I have lots of potential, and come from a liberal arts design background where we learn all about color theory, composition, concept-based design, etc. I think knowing this, a studio would see me as a potential asset. I know I can apply all that stuff to the work I do, and grow further. However, what I want to know is, basically, can the reel I have now land me a job to reach that goal? You can view my reel here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/d34spj9 (I'd embed it, but I'm a noob and can't figure out how to do it.) Also, I'm compiling a big list of studios to email tomorrow morning. What would your tips for that be? Should I always attach a cover letter? Or do studios just want to see the reel? Thanks in advance!
  6. the Oz

    San Francisco

    Hi, I am going to be staying in San Francisco May-June. I am on leave from my job in Norway, but I might get them to sponsor my stay a bit if I had something worthwhile and educational to do while I was there. A one week course for up to $1000 would probably be ideal. Fields of interest would be: Non-beginner Cinema 4d stuff Non-beginner compositing or color grading DSLR Video cinematography and techniques Information graphics and Data visualization Programming Generative visuals (Processing or similar) If anyone has any good suggestions they would be most welcome. Oh and general advice on what to do with a lot of spare time on my hands in San Francisco is also most welcome.
  7. Hey there, I'm relatively new to the site - I believe this is the correct place for this topic, but if not, let me know... I was wondering if you could offer any advice or pointers on where I might be going wrong here - my brain just cannot seem to function at the moment, and this problem is really bugging me - it feels like it should have a simple answer... I've been playing with the idea of a video wall / cube, and have attempted to apply video clips to portions of text. In my previous tests, simply applying a rigid body tag would make the portions fly apart due to the fact they are already so close together as a built portion of text (almost like a shatter, but very chunky and blocky) presenting the video clips as the chunks spin and twirl into the air. However, I'd ideally like more control over this - In my test scene file, this happens on the first frame - I'd like to delay the effect (collision / shatter?) as well as be able to have some sort of degree of force or power with which the chunks would be flung apart from each other. I've attempted to play with Explosion FX, Explosion and Shatter - all seem to produce shattered 'flakes' and not let me force blow apart the chunks I've already created (unless I'm poking around in the wrong places) I've also tried to see if Particle Affectors have any use here - and can't seem to get the desired effect. I've linked to a very small sample clip from an earlier test render - hopefully so you see the idea that I'm trying to describe: http://vimeo.com/34889831 the password is: forcetest (For some reason I'm unable to see an option for attachments on Mograph.net) I'd be very grateful if you'd be able to at least point me in the right direction or offer any ideas that you'd have to help me along, Kind regards,
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