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Found 3 results

  1. Had some problems trying to export an AEC file from C4D R15 this morning and wanted to share a workaround a coworker let me know about. When using the physical renderer I was unable to export an AEC file. My computer, a windows PC, would hang up and require a force quit. By changing the renderer back to standard, I was able to export the AEC file as usual. I still rendered my scene with the physical renderer, but then switched back to the standard renderer just to export my AEC. Pretty silly.
  2. I'm having trouble exporting out the stereo camera from c4d r13 to after effects via the composing project file (aec) export. I'm selecting stereoscopic in render settings and have experimented with the different modes. In after effects I only get a camera in the Left eye comp while the right eye comp lacks any cameras and nulls. Anyone had this experience or solution? thanks in advance, simon
  3. I was in the middle of a long overdue reel overhaul when I fell into the C4D -> AfterEffects dance. Importing an AEC to After Effects is painless enough. But then you go back to C4D and make some timing alterations, move some objects around, add some nulls, etc. Now you’re left with reimporting the AEC and copy pasting between comps. This script attempts to alleviate the pain. For more info and instruction, check out the blog post. I still have to clean up the code and layout a bit, but it's working on my side. As a side note, it works between any two comps, and is not limited to merging C4D imports. DOWNLOAD (right click / save link as) I'm hoping it cuts one Tylenol from the Mographer's diet.
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